Art Clay Silver Paper, 10g

Art Clay Silver Paper, 10g

Price: £42.99 / each

This is a thin sheet of flexible Art Clay Silver, cleverly formulated so it is not at all sticky and it can be woven, draped, torn, cut with paper punches and scissors. It can also be folded using origami techniques and used to make bezels in which to set stones.

This paper type is slightly more rigid than the PMC sheet making it feel more like foil. This means that it has slightly less drape than the PMC sheet but holds its shape better. 

  • Sheet measures 7.5 x 7.5cm with a thickness of 0.25mm 
  • Clay embellished with small pieces of paper type Art Clay can be fired with a gas torch or on a gas hob but whole sheets of folded paper should be kiln fired
  • There is no need to dry out the paper before firing (as you would with the clay type) Shrinkage during firing is approx 8-9%.
  • Has different characteristics to other Art Clay products and has a smooth non-sticky texture
  • Art Clay Silver is one of the original metal clays which helped to completely revolutionise the jewellery world since its development in the mid 1990s. Over the years the formula has been adjusted and improved to produce the superior range of products available today
  • 100% recycled silver
Product code: C191

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