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Heart Shapes For Jewellery Making

Have you ever thought about using heart shapes in your handmade jewellery designs?

We have a beautiful range of heart shaped gemstone cabochons, faceted stones, beads, settings and chains to choose from to add a touch of romance to your designs.

Take a look at our Heart Collection to see our full range! Take a peek at some of our favourite heart jewellery supplies below, including some beginner-friendly projects to try too.

If you love a stone setting challenge, our heart shaped gemstone cabochons are a perfect choice! Choose from turquoise, lapis lazuli and opal.

The picture features our stunning opal heart cabochons, also available in other shapes and sizes.

We also have a few heart-shaped faceted stones including aquamarine and rhodolite.

These would look lovely set into a ring or pendant and will certainly catch your eye when the facets twinkle in the light!

Heart Briolette Beads

We have a beautiful collection of heart briolettes in a range of gemstones to choose from. They are fully drilled, making them great for wire wrapping and turning into pretty earring drops and pendants.

Heart Shaped Beads

These limited edition heart beads are so fun and colourful! Why not incorporate them into your designs using other gemstone and metal beads?

Be Inspired...

Rose Gold & Pink Chalcedony Heart Briolette Earrings

This is a simple project you can use with any of our heart briolette beads! Wire wrap the bead and hang from our earwires for an elegant look.

Read our how wire wrap a briolette bead. Read step by step instructions for this project and get all the supplies you need by clicking the button below.

Jade Heart & Round Bead Earrings

Here's a lovely idea using our heart beads! We've used jade heart beads, with round gemstone and metal beads to create pretty earring drops.

Read step by step instructions for this project and get all the supplies you need by clicking the button below.

Top Drilled Heart Beads

A top-drilled bead is vertically drilled through the top of the bead about a quarter of the way down. All you need to do is glue a peg into the bead and it will appear as a little droplet which can be used to add to earrings, pendants or bracelets.

Read our advice page on how to use top drilled beads

Heart & Diamond Necklace

In this project, we've glued a peg with loop into the cubic zirconia heart bead and hung it on our eye-catching black oxidised diamond cut rope chain.

Read step by step instructions for this project and get all the supplies you need by clicking the button below.

Heart Metal Beads

Metal beads are great to use with gemstone beads to add texture and interest to your handmade jewellery. Take a look at our heart shaped beads below.

Explore our wide range of metal beads in various metals, shapes and sizes.

Cubic Zirconia Cullinan Diamond Replica

For the collectors! This Cubic Zirconia Cullinan Diamond Replica is aimed at gemstone lovers or for anyone who would love a replica of part of the crown jewels!

Not only is a heart shape available, you can also choose from ten other shapes too.

Heart Chain Bracelet

This sterling silver love heart chain bracelet is so cute! It has dainty heart shaped links which can be easily customised by attaching embellishments such as our pretty paua shell charm as shown in the photo above.

Heart Charm Necklace

Our dainty sterling silver solid heart charm would make a lovely addition to your jewellery designs and could easily be added to earrings, bracelets or necklaces. In this design, we've added the heart charm to a necklace as well as a wire wrapped aquamarine briolette.

Heart Rings

We have a range of ring settings available, from cabochon settings, faceted stone settings to simple plain designs. Take a look at our heart rings below or explore our full range for more.

Heart Toggle Clasps

We love our range of heart toggle clasps! They are a popular choice among modern handmade jewellery designs, adding a contemporary feel while also adding that touch of romance.