Techniques and How To's For Setting Stones

On this page you will find a variety of step-by-step how to's and product advice all about setting gemstones when jewellery making. Learning to set stones in your jewellery will open up a whole new world of colour and excitement - there are so many beautiful natural gemstones to discover.

You will need to learn and master some techniques and equip your workshop with particular jewellery making tools. There are many types of stones and settings that will require different tools and skills, but the great news is - it's easier than you think! Using the pages we have provided here you will be making all kinds of gemstone jewellery in no time.

This is by no means and exhaustive list of the information, tools and advice that are available, but it will give you a good overview and some things to consider. We always advise customers to have a go and learn a new skill!