How Much Bezel Strip Do I Need?

We frequently get asked what is the best length to cut your bezel strip, bearer wire or gallery wire when making settings for cabochon gemstones. We've worked out the following lengths as a rough guide to how much you'll need for setting some of our most popular cabochon sizes.

10x8mm oval - approx 4cm
14x10mm oval - approx 5cm
18x13mm oval - approx 7cm
25x18mm oval - approx 9cm
40x30mm oval - approx 13cm

Don't forget that this is only an approximate guide and we always advise you get a little extra to allow for mistakes etc – we all know there's nothing worse than not having enough or making a mistake and not having enough to correct it or try again!

Another tip is to wrap a thin strip of paper around your stone, mark where the two ends meet and then measure the length of paper and add a bit for 'just in case!'

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This ring was made using Fine Silver Bezel Strip.

This bangle was made using Sterling Silver Gallery Wire.