How To Use Flex-Rite Jewellery Wire

What Is Flex-rite Jewellery Wire?

Flex-rite jewellery wire is a popular choice of threading material for your handmade jewellery designs. It consists of multiple strands of stainless steel, with a nylon coating, providing the best strength and resists kinking with no compromise on flexibility.

We love using Flex-rite wire as it's great for both small and heavy beads, plus it provides a lovely flexible drape, perfect for those simple, modern jewellery designs.

In this post, we share with you our range of Flex-rite jewellery wire options, talk you through the most popular way to fasten your designs, your tool options and some brilliant step by step tutorials so you can have a go for yourself at home.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team. We'd love to help.

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Discover The Many Options Available...

Don't forget it's more cost effective to buy our threads by the reel instead of per metre, especially if you are doing a few designs.

Flex-rite 49

  • 49 strands of stainless steel with a nylon coating
  • 0.45mm in diameter
  • Breaking weight of 24lbs
  • Available in a range of colours including black, gold colour, steel tone and white
  • Sold per metre or reel

Flex-rite silver plated stainless steel

  • Fine: 0.3mm in diameter, made up of 19 strands of stainless steel with a breaking weight of 13lbs
  • Medium: 0.45mm in diameter, made up of 19 strands of stainless steel with a breaking weight of 17lbs
  • Heavy: 0.6mm in diameter, made up of 49 strands of stainless steel with a breaking weight of 35lbs
  • All sold per metre or reel

    Flex-rite 7 extra fine

    • Made from 7 strands of stainless steel with nylon coating
    • 0.24mm in diameter, making it a fine beading wire yet still incredibly strong
    • Breaking weight of 9.3lbs
    • Sold per 9 metre reel

    Flex-rite 24K gold plated stainless steel

    • Made from 19 strands of stainless steel, plated with 24 carat gold and protected with a nylon coating
    • Fine: 0.35mm in diameter
    • Medium: 0.45mm in diameter
    • All sold per metre or reel

    What is the best way to fasten my designs with Flex-rite?

    With crimps! Follow our simple step by step instructions below

    1. Move the beads to the middle of the wire and then thread on one crimp a few cm down the wire.

    2. Loop the wire to thread the end through the crimp. Do not worry if the loop starts off too large, you can adjust this once the end of the wire is through the crimp by pulling it up. Ensure the loop has enough room to allow your clasp to connect.

    3. Once you have adjusted the loop to the correct size use snipe nose pliers or magical crimping pliers to pinch the crimp together. Then cut any excess wire using side cutters

    4. On the other end of the wire, add the other crimp and then add one clasp - repeat the last process in creating a loop by threading the end of the wire through the crimp.

    5. Adjust the size of the loop accordingly and push the crimp shut with snipe nose pliers or magical crimping pliers - cut off the remaining wire. 

    Essential Findings

    Take a look at our recommended findings to use with Flex-rite wire, all available on our website in a range of metals and styles.


    As you can see from our image above, crimps are usually used with Flex-rite jewellery wire to provide a professional and neat finish.

    All you need to do is squeeze the crimps flat using snipe nose pliers to secure the end of necklaces or bracelets.

    Featuring plated 1.2mm crimps (pack of 50)


    Jewellery clasps are essential for fastening your necklace and bracelet designs. There are various clasps to choose from such as toggle clasps, screw fasteners, magnetic clasps, bolt rings, carabiner clasps and hooks. Clasps usually need to be attached using the help of jump rings.

    Featuring plated small carabiner lobster clasps - sold in a pack of 10.

    Watch Our Tutorial On How To Make A Briolette Necklace With Flex-rite & Crimp With Loop

    We have a huge range of gemstone briolette beads to incorporate into your handmade designs, perfect for hanging on Flex-rite wire and for wire wrapping to create earring drops or pendants.

    Shop our range of briolette beads

    Crimp With Loop

    These clever sterling silver crimps with loops provide a really neat way to finish necklaces and bracelets without the need for separate crimps, jump rings and gimp wire or thread protectors.

    All you need to do is insert the Flex-rite wire into the crimp and squeeze the centre using snipe nose pliers to secure.

    Choose our crimp with loop for up to 0.6mm thread, suitable for use with Flex-rite.

    What Tools Do I Need For Flex Rite Wire?

    Wondering how to cut Flex-rite wire or if magical crimping pliers are necessary? Take a look below at our recommended tools to get the job done! The tools you choose will depend on the finish you would like on your design.

    Side Cutters

    The best tool to use for cutting Flex-rite is our v-sprung side cutters.

    They are also used for cutting and trimming metal wire, headpins, eye pins etc.

    Snipe Nose Jewellers Pliers

    The most popular tool to use for securing crimps is snipe nose pliers - simply squeeze the crimps flat to secure your design in place. These are brilliant all-purpose pliers and one you'll use for many jewellery projects for bending wire and getting into awkward to reach spaces. The only downside with using these pliers for crimps is that the crimps can sometimes look untidy and have sharp edges.

    Micro Crimping Pliers

    Micro crimping pliers will create perfect crimps every time! These pliers have cleverly shaped jaws, this two step process will create small, neat crimps unlike snipe nose pliers which won't always create a neat and professional finish.

    These pliers are suitable for crimps with a diameter of up to 2mm, forming a finished crimp with a diameter less than 1.2mm.

    Magical Crimping Pliers

    These magical crimping pliers are great to have in your tool collection. They easily and quickly transform 2mm tube crimps into little round beads, making them look part of your design!

    Suitable to use with our 2x2mm sterling silver or gold filled crimps on 0.45mm/0.018 inch Flex-rite jewellery wire or 0.6mm/0.024 inch Flex-rite jewellery wire).

    You May Also Like...

    The following items are not essential, although you might be interested in using these to neaten and add interest to your designs.

    Wire Guardians

    Wire guardians, also known as thread protectors will protect your stringing material from wearing against your findings. Great for using with threads up to 0.8mm such as fine silk, synthetic threads like silkon thread and of course Flex-rite.

    To finish your necklace, simply thread a crimp on after your last bead and simply feed your thread or wire through the protector. Slip your clasp, necklet-end or jump ring over the protector and the thread together, pass the thread back down through your crimp and fasten as you would normally. For the neatest finish use either our micro crimping pliers or our magical crimping pliers.


    These knot covers are a great way to neaten your design for a professional finish for necklaces and bracelets. You will find an example of how these covers are used alongside Flex-rite in the gemstone bead project below. Mainly used to hide knots, they can also be used to hide crimps too - all you need to do is use snipe nose pliers to clamp it closed. They also have a loop, making it easy to attach your chosen clasp.

    This option would require a jump ring and clasp. Available on our website as a pack of 10, in silver or gold plated.

    Smart Beads

    Another great addition is these sterling silver smart beads, best used with Flex-rite jewellery wire.

    They are lined with silicon, so they can grip onto your chosen thread such as Flex-rite and act as floating beads in your design!

    Follow Our Tutorials Using Flex Rite

    DIY Friendship Bracelets

    These beautiful gemstone bracelets are made with 0.45mm Flex-rite 24K gold plated wire with pretty rondelle beads. Use crimps and a clasp to finish the designs.

    How To Make A Beaded Bracelet

    This bracelet combines ametrine rondelle beads and gold plated beads to create a sparkly design! This technique differs slightly, as in this project uses knot covers to cover the crimps and needs a jump ring and clasp to finish the design.

    Explore Jewellery Making Kits Using Flex-Rite Wire

    Our kits are perfect for beginners! Each page contains step by step instructions and a one-click shopping list with all the jewellery making supplies you need. You can even customise them with your favourite gemstones...

    Turquoise Briolette Necklace

    This wonderful 2 minute project is so easy and all you need is snipe nose pliers to complete the look.

    Click below for step by step instructions and all the supplies you need.

    Morganite & Aquamarine Bracelet

    Use flex-rite and crimps to create this eye catching bracelet designs, using statement gemstone beads!

    Click below for step by step instructions and all the supplies you need.

    Rainbow Fluorite Earrings

    This is an example of how you can experiment with flex-rite jewellery wire to create fun and interesting designs!

    Click below for step by step instructions and all the supplies you need.

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