DIY Gemstone Friendship Bracelets

This beautiful little DIY friendship bracelet is really easy to create and perfect for the kids to do during the holidays. Choosing your favourite gemstones or even adding your own personal twist makes it the perfect project for a creative day.

Follow our step by step instructions below and get all the tools and supplies you need online on our website.

The great thing about this design is that it makes the ultimate friendship bracelet - and that's not restricted to just two friends! Simply choose the gemstones to best match the personality of each friend. 

We have a selection of gemstone beads that work really well with this style. Each gemstone comes with its own history, full of spiritual meanings, healing properties and different energies, so you can enjoy choosing your favourites for this project.

Supplies used in this project

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Step 1

To start with get organised - lay out what you need at the start to save you having to fish around for bits halfway through making.

Step 2

Measure the wire to fit your wrist, with a few extra cm for work room. Cut the remaining wire off with side cutters.

Step 3

Thread your chosen beads onto the wire - we used three, but use as many as you wish!

Step 4

Move the beads to the middle of the wire and then thread on one crimp a few cm down the wire.

Step 5

Loop the wire to thread the end through the crimp. Do not worry if the loop starts off too large, you can adjust this once the end of the wire is through the crimp by pulling it up. Ensure the loop has enough room to allow your clasp to connect.

Step 6

Once you have adjusted the loop to the correct size use snipe nose pliers or magical crimping pliers to pinch the crimp together. 

Step 7

With side cutters, cut off the excess wire. 

Step 8

On the other end of the wire, add the other crimp and then add one clasp

Step 9

Repeat the last process in creating a loop by threading the end of the wire through the crimp. 

Step 10

Adjust the size of the loop accordingly and push the crimp shut with snipe nose pliers.

Step 11

Cut off the remaining wire. 


Your friendship bracelet is now finished! Wear with pride and show off the meanings behind your gemstones. 

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We think that the simplistic stye of this bracelet looks really pretty but there is also so much room for more! You could add more beads, or more wire strands or even attach some charms.


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The products used in this project are suggestions to inspire you. Products used were compatible at the time of making but do be aware that stocks can vary, so do use your own judgement as to the compatibility of each item when making.


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