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How To Make Felt Jewellery

Felting is a popular craft and it is slowly making its way into the jewellery making world! So whether you're a complete beginner to felting or you want to try something different to your usual felting crafts, these felt jewellery making projects are a great place to find inspiration. 

Although we don't supply felt, we do provide all the findings you need to transform it into beautiful felt jewellery. Below, we share with you the many findings and options available. We also share how you can use gemstone beadsmetal beads and charms to add some interest to your designs and make them stand out from the rest!

Useful Tools & Supplies When Making Felt Jewellery

Thanks to Sarah from Coastland Life for sharing her felt jewellery designs within this post

Although we don't sell felt, you can purchase all the findings and gemstone/metal beads to complete your designs on our website

Make An Easy Elastic Felt Bracelet

It couldn't be easier to make a felt bracelet, all it takes are a few simple steps.

Step 1

Use a thick darning needle to create a hole through the felt balls to create a bead. You may find it helpful to use snipe or flat nose pliers to place some grip on the headpin to pull all the way through the felt ball.

Step 2

Use a needle to thread the elastic through the felt bead holes - enough to fit around your wrist.

Step 3

Secure the elastic thread (read our step by step instructions on how to create a secure knot here)

The design is complete!

You can easily customise the felt bracelet by adding gemstone beadsmetal beads or charms.

Shop Supplies

Create Bracelets, Necklaces & Even Rings With Stretch Magic!

Clear Stretch Magic is clear, strong, stretchy thread and is the worlds best selling flexible resistant elastic bead and jewellery cord. It is ideal for beaded bracelets and necklets without the need for a clasp; it won't crack or harden over time. Plus the packaging comes with handy step-by-step instructions with illustrations on how to knot the thread.

Available in 0.5mm and 1.0mm diameters.

Or Thread A Couple Of Felt Balls Onto A Necklet

These necklets are perfect for jewellery making beginners, as it has the appropriate crimps and clasps to create a necklace in seconds. All you need to do is add your chosen felt ball beads, place the end of the cord into the crimp and squeeze gently using snipe nose pliers. It's that simple! You can even trim the necklet to suit your desired length.

Available in silver or gold plated.

Make Felt Earrings

Another great project idea is to make dangly earrings with your felt balls or designs!

Step 1

Use a thick darning needle to create a hole through the felt balls to create a bead. You may find it helpful to use snipe or flat nose pliers to place some grip on the headpin to pull all the way through the felt ball.

Step 2

Add the felt bead balls onto a head pin and use round nose pliers to form a loop at the top - if the headpin is too long you can use side cutters to trim it before forming the loop.

Step 3

Use snipe or flat nose pliers to twist open a jump ring and attach to the loop of the headpin and earwire before twisting closed.

Repeat for the other earring and your design is complete!

You can easily customise the felt earrings by adding your favourite gemstone beads, metal beads or charms.

Shop Findings

Shop Headpins

Headpins are essential for your jewellery making projects. Use them to create charms to attach to earrings, pendants and bracelets. Easily trim headpins using side cutters and create a loop using round nose pliers to attach to your design.

Shop Jump Rings

Jump rings are also essential for joining components together.

We have plenty of sizes and metals to choose from to suit your handmade designs.

Shop Earwires

There are lots of options available when it comes to choosing earwires for your project.

We offer a wide range of styles in a selection of metals to suit your needs.

Shop Jewellery Making Pliers

Use jewellery pliers to help you attach components together and complete your felt jewellery designs!

What pliers are essential for felt jewellery featured on this page?

Snipe nose & flat nose pliers - for opening and closing jump rings

Round nose pliers - for forming loops in headpins

Side cutters - for trimming head pins

aRead our full guide on jewellery pliers and their uses

Shop all the jewellery pliers you need online, including our popular pack which comes in a handy zip up case!

Create Earstuds With Mini Felt Balls

Sterling Silver Earstuds With Flat Plate

These popular earstuds are perfect for gluing or soldering your designs onto. Great for using with sterling silver, metal clay, sea glass, cabochons, polymer clay and of course felt!

Surgical Steel Earstuds With 5mm Flat Pad

These earstuds are also a great option! They are sold in pack of 10 so you can make a whole collection of earrings.

Devcon 5 minute epoxy glue

We recommend using Devcon 5 minute epoxy glue for attaching your felt balls onto these flat plate earstuds, but ensure that you tap the glue into the felt so it doesn't sit on the surface and pull apart.

Add Interest To Your Designs

Add Beads Into The Mix

We have a beautiful range of gemstone beads that you can incorporate into your felt jewellery designs. Add spacer beads in between the felt balls to add some interest and texture. We also have a range of metal beads you can use in your designs too.

Shop Charms

Charms are great for adding some fun to your designs! Perfect for hanging from earring drops, creating bracelet charms and attaching to pendants. Explore our range online now.

We hope we have inspired you to try something new with your felting crafts! If you try your hand at felt jewellery, please do tag us in your designs on social media for a chance to feature. Find us on InstagramFacebook


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