Advice On Knotting Stretch Magic Thread

Stretch magic is a fantastic, clear, strong and stretchy thread. It won't crack or harden over time and is ideal for beaded bracelets and necklets without the need for a clasp.

It is important to knot this thread well to avoid the risk of slipping or the knot coming undone and ruining all of your hard beading work!

Here we provide pictured step-by-step instructions for a simple overhand knot (or a double overhand knot) recommended by the manufacturers to ensure your design is secure. 

For this tutorial we have used

Clear Stretch Magic

Green Aventurine Round Beads

G S Hypo Cement Glue

Step One

Pre-stretch your Stretch Magic to help loosen it up. Thread your beads on to suit your design. 

Step Two

Cross the strands over.

Step Three

Fold one end of the Stretch Magic under the other to create a simple, loose overhand knot - do not pull tight yet. 

Step Four

Cross the strands again. 

Step Five

Repeat step three and folding one end of the Stretch Magic under the other to double up your overhand knot.

At this point you can do as many overhand knots as you like - if your design is heavy it might be worth doing a few more - however be aware of how big the knot is going to look once your design is finished. 

Step Six

Pull the knots tight together. 

Step Seven

Really tight! Try changing the direction of your pull to ensure it is extra secure. 

Step Eight 

Your knot should have no gaps between the strands. 

Step Nine

For extra security you can add a dab of glue. Whilst the knots should not work loose - there is a risk after lot's of wear - the glue will ensure the knot does not work loose. 

Ensure you allow the glue enough time to dry before wearing your jewellery design. 

Step Ten

Use side cutters or scissors to trim off any excess Stretch Magic. 


Your knot is now finished and secure! 

This knot should be secure and not slip. Alternatively you could crimp the stretch magic, but if you are doing this, be careful not to squeeze the crimps too tight or it could damage or cut into the Stretch Magic.