How To Set Gemstones In Wraptite Settings

Wraptite settings are an amazingly easy way to include faceted gemstones into your jewellery designs. They encase the gemstones around its edge and when tightened hold it securely in place. Thanks to the wraptite settings shape, they can easily be added to any jewellery design.

Tools Needed

Round Nose Pliers or similar.

Follow our step by step instructions below with pictures - to set your gemstone in wraptite setting...

Step 1

Choose either a pendant wraptite setting or a link wraptite setting.

Ensure you have chosen a faceted gemstone in the same size as your chosen setting. 

Step 2

Place the faceted stone face down (flat side down) onto a firm surface such as a magazine placed on your work surface, and apply gentle pressure to 'click' the stone into the setting.

Step 3

With the tip of your round nose pliers squeeze the bottom of the loop to tighten the setting around the gemstone. 

It is important not to over squeeze the loop - a good tip here is to use a piece of wire to keep the main part of the loop open. If your gemstone is slightly smaller than the setting, simply squeeze the setting as described so it fits snugly.

Step 4

Your wraptite setting is now complete and ready for attaching to your jewellery creations!

Wraptite settings open up a whole option of beautiful gemstone jewellery design ideas.

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