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2018 Trends & Customer Creations: Big & Colourful Pearls

The classic pearl is back and bigger than ever...

In 2018, we're set to see a rise in pearl designs as latest trends show that this gemstone is now being celebrated with the use of statement designs, colours and irregular shapes.

Pearls have always been adored for their natural beauty, providing a feminine and elegant touch in jewellery but now we're seeing an experimental side, with exciting modern styles.

Vogue is telling us that pearl chokers, headbands and embellished collars are something to look out for this year and we can't wait!

In this blog post, we take a look at the current trends to look out for and how to use our pearls to create on-trend designs. We also share our favourite customer designs using pearls to inspire your next make...

The pearl we'd recommend using to recreate the pearl ring featured would be our cultured freshwater half drilled white pearls, having a slightly flat back makes them great for turning them into earrings or ring settings.

Large Pearls

We've been seeing more and more big and bold designs, this includes pearl earrings, pendants and rings. This look is something to take notice of and we've got the perfect large pearls to help you create something beautiful. The beads are large in size, making them perfect for creating statement pieces to make your designs stand out. Why not try our chunky pearl bracelet design by following our online tutorial?

The classic white pearl, continues to take centre stage with feminine designs becoming increasingly popular - if you're more of a minimalist, don't worry as the traditional pearl look isn't going out of style, a single pearl can be used to create a simple, feminine yet statement design.

For a traditional, large pearl for your handmade designs we would recommend our cultured freshwater white pearls, with our largest measuring at 9mm. Don't forget to check out our cultured saltwater pearl cabochons which can be used to create a lovely statement ring.

These big and beautiful cultured freshwater rice shape pearls are a lovely natural shade of pink. Measuring approximately 11.5x9.5mm, they're a great choice for wedding jewellery or a bold everyday design.

Follow our online jewellery bracelet tutorial using cultured freshwater white pearls, perfect for a bride or bridesmaids. We also love the added floral touch with our sterling silver toggle clasp.

These pearls are teardrop shaped, a brilliant quality and have an amazing lustre you'll just fall in love with! They measure approximately 10x7mm and are head drilled from side to side, making them great for necklaces and bracelets.

Baroque Pearls

Vogue has recently talked about the uprising of baroque pearls, as seen on spring and summer runways, making these designs one to keep an eye on.

But what is a baroque pearl? They are pearls that are irregular and unusual in shape, making them ideal for unique jewellery designs. They also come in a range of colours and sizes - see below a range of semi-baroque pearls in a range of colours from pistachio, ice blue to peacock. We just love the natural shapes and spectacular lustre these pearls offer.

Pink & Lavender Toned Pearls

With Pantone's Colour Of The Year being ultra violet, purple is causing a stir in the jewellery world. Lavender is also making an impact and has been popping up across the fashion world from the likes of Victoria Beckham and Michael Kors. It's predicted to become a hot colour in spring and summer months and we can't wait to see them in future jewellery designs. Below we've chosen our lilac potato pearls for those romantic designs and also peacock pearls which we're sure will be making a big appearance in 2018. What will you create?

Read our blog post on using Pantone's Colour Of The Year in your jewellery designs

Check out these cultured freshwater lilac potato pearls, a lovely choice if you're into adding a pop of colour. We just love the soft lilac and metallic lustre these pearls bring.

This online jewellery earring tutorial features our beautiful cultured freshwater peacock potato pearls. They have been treated to give this metallic lustre and each pearl is unique.

These cultured freshwater peacock pearls have large holes, and reveal lots of stunning colours from purples, blues, greens and pinks. We especially love the surface rings created during the pearls development.

This quick and easy project is ideal if you're just starting out in jewellery making or you're after something for a special occasion. These cultured freshwater blush pink pearls have a gorgeous peach colour and measure at 10-10.5mm, making them great for a statement earring.

A great spring look! These cherry blossom earrings feature our cultured freshwater rice shape peacock pearls. These are limited edition at Kernowcraft, offering a wonderful lustre with colours of purples, blues, greens and pinks. A great gemstone to use for wire-wrapping designs!

How To Create On-Trend Designs...

Check out Kernowcraft's customer creations using pearls. We absolutely love the big and bold designs, with the added element of colours to transform the classic looking pearl into something more unique and modern.

Big & Bold

Trzpoitkajewellery always inspires us with her bold designs using pearls, these vintage rose earrings feature tiny freshwater pearls. We also love how this design captures the Victorian Era but transforms it into a modern look.

We recommend: small cultured freshwater half drilled pearls

Add Colour

Morgan's Jewellery is way ahead of the game with these baroque pink blush pearls, adding a touch of femininity with sweet soft pinks complimented by the gold.

We recommend: rice shaped pink pearls which would work great with this design

Stacking & Combining Gems

Another stunning design by trzpiotkajewellery, we can't wait to see more detailed designs in 2018 with the use of combining gemstones. This intricate design features pearlssapphireaquamarine and tourmaline.

We recommend: cultured freshwater half drilled white pearls to recreate this look

Be inspired by Customer Creations...

We asked you to share your handmade pearl jewellery designs over on Kernowcraft's Facebook page and you blew is away with stunning designs. See below our favourites, which also work well with what's trending in the jewellery world. We can't wait to see more bold designs using colourful pearls. Follow us on FacebookInstagramTwitter for a chance to feature!

I love working with pearls. I make bridal hair accessories & jewellery. It was really hard to chose just one photo, but here is a commission for the mother of the bride for a wedding last year.

- Clará La Fram Ross, The Bridal Detail

We recommend: cultured freshwater peacock potato pearls for a similar look

Freshwater pearls on these silver leaf earrings.

- Kerry George, The Beaded Magpie

We recommend: cultured freshwater peacock potato pearls

Pearl and silver bracelet.

- Gill Melly, Silver Ripples

Check out our range of purple coloured pearls for more inspiration

A commission using the bowl of a solid silver spoon cut in the shape of a heart with a pearl.

- Dawn Wedge, DHW Silver

We recommend: cultured freshwater white roundish pearls, measuring at 4-4.5mm

Made this pearl bracelet a little while ago - really sat well on your wrist. My client loved it.

- Tina Raison, Roubogi

We recommend: any of our rice shaped pearl beads

Shoulder dusters - simple collaboration of pearls and sterling silver.

- Linda Bonnington, Jewellery By Linda

We recommend: Cultured freshwater rice shape white pearls, measuring at 3-3.5mm x 4-5mm

We love this pearl pendant by Millie Burke, a lovely bold look with that feminine feel.

We recommend: cultured freshwater white roundish pearls, measuring at 7-8mm

Water cast with large cultured pearl drop.

- Fleur Hastings

We recommend: cultured freshwater top drilled white pearls, approximately 9mm drop shape