How To Use A Bangle Forming Die Tool

This guide walks you through how to use the popular bangle forming die tool! It is so easy to use to form consistent decorative bangles every time. We share with you two options on how to use the tool as well as guide you through the steps for achieving a perfect bangle.

You'll also find a list of recommended tools and supplies you will need to complete the bangle, plus you can choose from two designs depending on the style you like! If you have any questions, please contact our small team who will be more than happy to assist you.

Recommended Tools & Supplies

Choose Your Wire

You can create bangles with any metal wire you like! We personally love using sterling silver wire as it's a soft and durable metal to work. You may however find it useful to practice on copper wire first before moving on to sterling silver as it's a more affordable option. This particular project features 1.5mm round sterling silver wire.

With the bangle forming die tool you can use wire up to 1.8mm (15 gauge) but don't forget that the thicker the wire, the harder it will be to shape!

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Choose The Size Of Your Bangle

Firstly, separate the dies. You might find the first time you use the due you may need to wipe off any excess oil that may be on the die. The oil is there to help stop the die from rusting. There are also three aluminium spacer discs included in the box.

Now you need to decide what size you want your bangle to be. If you are making a closed bangle, the diameter of the bangle must be no larger than 7.5cm or the bangle will not fit onto the die. To make a bangle that is approximately 7.5cm in diameter from 1.5mm round wire you will need approximately 23cms.

Option 1 For Using The Bangle Forming Die Tool: Solder First

The first method is to create your bangle and solder the ends together to form a complete circle. You then need to place the bangle centrally on the die.

You can use the aluminium spacers to help centre up your bangle if you wish, these will get deformed during use.

Then place the other half of the die on top and place it on a rubber mat on a firm surface. Then strike the die firmly around the top. The wire will gradually start to take on the form of the die. Try not to over hit the die as this may deform the wire.

Before & After Using The Bangle Forming Die Tool

Option 2: Solder Or Finish After Forming

The other way is to form your wire into a circle and then place it onto the die.

Once formed, you can then adjust the length of the finished bangle and then solder the ends together or alternatively, you can finish off the ends to create an open style bangle.

How Your Finished Bangle Should Look!

We love how modern and stylish this bangle design is and it's so easy to achieve by using the bangle forming tool. Will you be giving it a go? Shop the tool online now with Kernowcraft and don't forget to tag us in your finished designs on social media by tagging @Kernowcraft, we'd love to see.

Shop Bangle Forming Die Tool With Kernowcraft With 2 Designs To Choose From

This project features our fancy waves design but we also have a plain wave design you can choose from too depending on which style you prefer.

Create Beautiful & Consistent Bangles Every Time Using The Bangle Forming Die Tool...

bangle forming die tool

Easily Customise Your Bangles To Make Them Unique

Check out these beautiful designs by talented jewellers, creating wavy bangles with a difference! You can experiment with various metals, textures, attach charms or add gemstones into the mix

Wavy sterling silver heart charm bangle by Silverpickle

Sterling silver garnet bangle by Malibu Jewel

Organic textured wavy bangles stacked together by Victoria Williams

Shop Charms

Charm bangles are so popular! Make your own designs or explore our wide selection of sterling silver and gold vermeil charms, with so many styles to choose from to complete your designs

Shop By Gemstone

Whether you want to attach gemstone beads to your bangle or solder a gemstone to your design, we have so many stunning gemstones to choose from.

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