How To Make A Spaghetti Ring With Kim Thomson

On this page, guest tutor Kim Thomson shares with you two brilliant tutorials on how to make your own spaghetti rings featuring stone setting techniques.

What is a spaghetti ring?

A spaghetti ring is a wrapped ring band with lots of wraps that often cross over each other and look like a little nest of spaghetti or tagliatelli. It’s a popular way to make a ring that appears chunky but is actually made from fine wire. This technique can be done with most shapes and sizes of wire, so it's a great chance to get creative with your design. They are usually made with round wire but square, rectangular, d-shape and oval all work well too, Kim particularly likes to use 1.5 to 2mm for chunkier bands and 1mm for delicate bands.

Top tips to keep in mind...

People often say they struggle to get the sizing right. Remember, the wider a ring, the bigger it needs to be to fit your finger. You normally need to make these rings a size bigger compared to a thin band.

As always, it’s very important to have the ends of your wire snuggly fit together or tuck into the rest of the wraps to solder them together. And while soldering, be extremely careful to keep an eye on the flame and the colour of your metal as it’s very easy to accidentally melt the wires by accident.

This project is great for adding gemstones or decorative elements such as granulation. If you are adding stones to your design, make sure you don’t solder your wires to the very top of the setting or you won’t be able to push the setting over your stone.

Project 1: Chunky Spaghetti Ring With A Faceted Stone

Watch and follow along with Kim's tutorial below, this spaghetti ring uses 1.5mm sterling silver wire and features a faceted stone. Kim shares top tips on sizing, work hardening as well as texturing.

Recommend tools & supplies

Project 2: Thinner spaghetti ring with cabochon stone

Watch and follow along with Kim's tutorial below. This second spaghetti ring uses thinner wire - 1mm sterling silver and bronze round wire and features a cabochon stone in a bezel setting.

Recommended tools & supplies:

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