Nautical Necklace

Nautical Necklace

This is a lovely little make that would be perfect for any of your friends or family that have a love for the seaside! 

Unfortunately the aquamarine featured in the photo is currently unavailable, within the shopping list for this project we have chosen our turquoise heart briolette bead instead which would also look lovely.

Step By Step Instructions

Firstly take your chosen length of Mini Belcher Chain, the Toggle Clasp and two of your Jump Rings (we think this design would look good on a longer length chain and would suggest around 60cm but you can make this any length you wish - if you would like a longer length simply adjust the quantity of the chain in the shopping basket).

Next, using your Flat Nose Pliers, open a jump ring and attach the bar of the toggle clasp to one end of the chain and close the jump ring again. For more information on opening and closing jump rings Click Here.

Using the same process link the other end of the chain to the loop of the toggle clasp.

Next you will need to glue your Pearl on to the peg loop and leave it to dry. We recommend using Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Glue for all jewellery making that requires glue.

Using your 0.3mm Sterling Silver Wire and your Round Nose Pliers wire wrap your Aquamarine Briolette Bead and form a loop in the wire at the top. For a step by step in how to wire wrap a briolette Click Here

Next you will need to join the loop of the wire wrapped briolette to a jump ring and the loop of the toggle clasp using your Flat Nose Pliers

Also attach both the Starfish Charm and your Pearl and peg loop (which should be dry by now) using the jump rings.

Once you have attached these in to the arrangement that you like your creation is done! 

For nice boxes to package this lovely necklace in Click Here

Recommended Tools For This Project

Round Nose Pliers

Flat Nose Pliers

Side Cutters

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Glue

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Sterling Silver Toggle Clasp

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Sterling Silver Peg with Loop and 2.5mm Cap

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Sterling Silver Mini Belcher Chain

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