How To Make A Metal Leaf Decoration

Make your own beautiful and unique hanging metal decoration, hang it in your home, give as a gift or hang from your Christmas tree as an ornament with a handmade twist. 

This project is a brilliant beginner metalsmith project and great if you would like to practice sawing and texturing techniques. You can experiment with different shapes, textures and metals to create lots of interesting designs such as earring drops and pendants.

Watch the tutorial below and shop all the tools and supplies you need to try this at home below.

Tools & Supplies Used In This Project

Watch our tutorial on how to make a brass decoration below

1. Use a scriber to mark your chosen design onto 0.5mm brass sheet - or any metal sheet you would prefer such as copper or silver.

2. Use beeswax to lubricate the saw blade to help it glide easily through the metal.

3. Use a jewellers saw (with anvil & bench peg) to cut out the shape. For tips on piercing, read our advice page.

4. Use a needle file to smooth the edges.

5. Use sanding sheet to pre-polish your design, removing any unwanted scratches. We have used fine sanding sheet, but you may choose to work your way through the grades if needed.

6. Work up through the colour grades of polishing papers to bring your piece up to a high shine.

7. Place onto a steel block and use a ball pein hammer to add texture to your design.

8. Apply renaissance wax to protect the decoration from oxidising, so it stays bright and shiny!

9. Attach thread to finish your decoration. We've used silkon thread but you can choose any suitable thread you like. We have drilled a hole through the decoration (using our hand drillstock/Dremel Multi Tool with twist drill bit), but you can simply wrap the thread around the secure.


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