Cornish Natural Beeswax

Cornish Natural Beeswax

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Use this natural beeswax on your saw blades when piercing metal to help the blade glide through the metal and prevent it from 'sticking'.

  • Depending on current stock, you will either receive beeswax with the word ‘beeswax’ debossed or a honey comb design on the surface as shown in the product images
  • Hexagonal in shape (approximately 50mm x 17mm)
  • Treatment - 100% beeswax
  • Approx 25g
  • Made in Cornwall, sourced from a local farm close to Kernowcraft's office
  • Produced by members of the Bee Farmers Association & the Cornish Beekeepers Association

HOW TO USE: Simply swipe the saw blade through the wax (just once as you do not want to overload the teeth with wax) to help glide the teeth through the metal, especially on the first few cuts until you 'catch the metal'.

You can even swipe the back of the blade to keep the wax from clogging the teeth as it is the back of the blade that can cause binding up. Binding up is when the saw is being pushed through the metal sheet quickly or forcefully which can cause the blade to bend and break.

You can also use a light coat of beeswax for protecting bead stringing material against fraying and water damage.

Product code: C101

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