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We have proudly stocked Town Talk's popular products for years and our customers always come back for more to keep their handmade jewellery pieces protected and sparkling.

The UK based company has been around for over 125 years, providing high-quality cleaning products which range from jewellery care to household cleaning products! We are proud to stock a wide selection of jewellery care products, ranging from polishing cloths, liquid cleaners to handy anti-tarnishing strips. We love that as a business Town Talk uses recycled materials wherever possible in their packaging and that their jewellery range is cruelty free and the majority vegan.

On this page, we share our top Town Talk products which are available to purchase on our website, sharing their uses and the benefits they bring for jewellers as well as jewellery owners!

Why Does Jewellery Tarnish?

Tarnishing is a natural process where metals react to chemicals such as oxygen and sulphur, known as oxidisation. Tarnish makes your metal jewellery dull and can leave a slight golden colour on your metals and will eventually create a black coating on the metal. The tarnishing process can happen at various speeds depending on how your jewellery has been stored and what elements it may be exposed to. There are many ways to remove dreaded tarnish and Town Talk products are one of our most popular brands to turn to for our customers.

Read our advice page for more in-depth information about the tarnishing process, as well as the many ways you can protect your pieces such as using wax and lacquer.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our team who can help you choose the most suitable product for your needs.

Polishing Your Jewellery With Town Talk

Town Talk's polishing cloths are our go-to! They are an essential supply to keep at hand in your workshop or to keep stored for when your jewellery collection needs some TLC. Use them to buff your metal jewellery pieces to a high shine! Each cloth is impregnated with special anti-tarnishing agents which gives your pieces a lasting shine for longer.

These polishing cloths are also pocket size, so you can even take them on the go for when you notice your jewellery is looking a little dull.

The cloths are reusable and if you're a jeweller, they are perfect for giving your jewellery one last polish before it heads out the door. You can also include them in your orders to encourage your customers to look after their brand new jewellery - this could prevent them coming back to you wondering why their jewellery is dull or has turned black! Read more about the tarnishing process on our advice page and understand the contributing factors which could be speeding up the tarnishing process - hand lotion, sanitiser, cleaning products to name a few.

Choose From The Collection...

Town Talk Silver Polishing Cloths

Use on silver jewellery pieces, watches and even new and antique silverware.

Town Talk Gold Polishing Cloths

Use this cloth to restore the shine and lustre on your gold jewellery.

Town Talk Microfibre Polishing Cloths

Use this microfibre cloth on silver, gold, gemstones and fashion jewellery to wipe any marks away and keep them shining.

Jeweller & Tutor Cyrilyn Shows You How Brilliant Town Talk Polishing Cloths Are

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Town Talk Brass & Copper Polish

This polish is a must-have if you own or make your own brass or copper jewellery pieces. These metals will tarnish over time and lose their shine and lustre, so it's important to polish your pieces regularly to maintain their beauty.

This handy bottle of Town Talk's Brass & Copper Polish is brilliant to have to hand, to remove those stubborn marks and blemishes. Simply shake the bottle and apply the polish using a dry cloth, buffing away those stubborn marks. Finish by rinsing your pieces in water and polishing with a soft, clean cloth.

Preventing Tarnish With Town Talk

Town Talk Anti Tarnish Protection Silver Storage Strips

We love these handy anti-tarnish paper strips! If you're a jeweller you can pop them alongside your silver jewellery supplies as well as finished silver jewellery pieces to protect them from tarnishing. They help by absorbing pollutants in the air which will slow down the tarnishing process and keep your pieces shining for longer.

They are an ideal size for popping into jewellery boxes or plastic bags - although keep in mind that the tighter the seal the better this is for protecting your pieces. These particular strips also have a handy date section so you can keep track of when they need replacing which is every 3 months.

For protecting other metals, see our anti tarnish paper strips which are suitable for protecting silver, gold, copper, bronze, nickel, tin and plated metals.

Cleaning Jewellery With Town Talk Liquid Cleaners

These liquid cleaners by Town Talk are the best solution for when your jewellery is in need of a deep clean and tarnish is hard to remove. There are two cleaners to choose from including a liquid cleaner for silver and another specifically designed for various metal jewellery with hard gemstones. Find out more about each product below.

When next storing your shiny and clean jewellery, why not include an anti-tarnish strip alongside it for that added protection?

Town Talk Silver Sparkle

This product is designed to use with silver jewellery only. Simply place your jewellery in the cleaning fluid for 2 minutes, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. There is also a small brush that you can use to help clean those hard to reach areas, plus an anti-tarnish polishing cloth for a final polish.

This product is not suitable for use on gold, plated items or costume jewellery. Protect stainless steel and other work surfaces. Avoid contact with other metals, artificially oxidised silver, opals, coral, emeralds, pearls and paste stones. Care should be taken not to fully immerse jewellery with water-soluble fixings.

Town Talk Jewel Sparkle

This product is designed to use with gold, platinum and silver jewellery with hard gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires and rubies. Simply place your jewellery in the cleaning fluid for 2 minutes, rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth. There is also a small brush that you can use to help clean those hard to reach areas.

This product is not suitable for use on plated jewellery, fashion jewellery or jewellery with water soluble fixings. Protect stainless steel and other work surfaces. Avoid contact with other metals, artificially oxidised silver, do not use on opals, coral, emeralds, pearls.

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Caring For Special Jewellery On The Go With Town Talk's Sparkle Wand

The Town Talk Exquisite Jewel Sparkle Wand is one of our favourite handbag essentials! Use this little wand to gently clean your gold, platinum and silver jewellery by removing small particles of ingrained dirt leaving your precious jewellery sparkling. In the packet, you'll also find a microfibre cloth to give your jewellery that extra shine. Although brilliant for most jewellery, it is not advisable to use on delicate gemstones such as emeralds, opals and pearls.


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