Polishing Jewellery Q&A With Stephen M Goldsmith

We are so excited to collaborate with Master Polisher, Stephen M Goldsmith on this highly anticipated Polishing Q&A!

Stephen is a professional polisher, with 50 years in the trade where he has polished a huge range of items from high-end jewellery to royal and historical items. Today he is passionate about keeping the art of polishing alive and passing on his knowledge of this craft - which is clearly shown by his first published book Polishing And Finishing For Jewellers And Silversmiths which is available to buy on our website.

This Q&A is filled with a detailed look into the polishing process, with brilliant tips and advice along the way. Thank you to everyone who got involved with sending in your questions - there were so many that we couldn't answer them all but Stephen has tried his best to cover a range of topics with the most commonly asked questions. All of the submitted questions were also put into a competition draw to win a signed copy of Stephen's popular book - the winner is announced in the video below!

Watch Stephen's Polishing Q&A

Stephen Visited Us At Kernowcraft HQ!

We were thrilled to welcome Stephen to Kernowcraft in sunny Cornwall and finally meet the Polishing Guru in person where he signed the winner's book.

Polishing And Finishing For Jewellers And Silversmiths

Polishing And Finishing For Jewellers And Silversmiths is an invaluable and practical guide to the polishing process. Written by a leading master polisher Stephen M Goldsmith, this book explains the traditional techniques and shares the secrets of this often under-rated craft. Never forget that a professional finish will transform a piece of jewellery or silver into a work of art! Book highlights include advice on setting up your workshop, a guide on finishing methods, step by step examples as well as best practices for beginners.

Look Inside This Popular Book!

Read Our Interview With Stephen & Hear His Story

Want to hear more about Stephen's background and experiences in the polishing industry? Read our interview where we find out how Stephen's career began, more about the fascinating items he has polished and the inspiration behind his book loved by jewellers.

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Offering numerous possibilities due to the multitude of accessories, enabling detailed sanding, carving, engraving, cutting, grinding, cleaning and polishing. Don't forget to check out our wide range of accessories that fit the Dremel, including silicon polishers in wheel, knife edge and cylinder shapes, polishing mops and more.

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Don't Forget To Protect Your Hands & Eyes

As Stephen discusses in the Q&A video above, your hands and eyes are your greatest tools and ones you need to look after when making your handmade jewellery designs. Check out some of our top protection supplies below, including the O'Keefe's Working Hands Hand Cream which Stephen mentions in the Q&A.

Safety Goggles

Wearing eye protection is so important. Jewellery making involves a lot of dust, debris and sometimes flying metal! So ensure your eyes are well protected to prevent accidents.

O'Keefe's Working Hands Hand Cream

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