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How To Make Easy Textured Earrings

If you're a beginner in jewellery making, this is the perfect project to practice your metalwork and have some fun.

This simple 20-minute handmade jewellery project will allow you to experiment with wire, while also enjoy the many ways you can texturise metal. 

We hope you enjoy this step by step tutorial and it gives you some inspiration or your next project. Don't forget to tag us in your designs on social media and use the hashtag #Kernowcraft so we can see and share your designs! 

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Project Tools & Supplies

Step 1: Measure Wire

Using metal jewellery cutters, cut the wire to your desired length. This project uses 0.8mm wire but this will depend on what length you would like the earrings.

Step 2: Hammer & Texturise

Place the wire on a steel block and use the flat end of a ball pein hammer to flatten and splay two-thirds of the wire, then use the round end to create a hammered textured effect until you're happy with the look.

Step 3: Work Harden

Next, use a jewellers hammer to gently tap over the area you have textured to work harden the piece, so it doesn't lose its shape. Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 to form a matching earring.

Step 4: Bend The Wire

It's now time to bend the wire around a pen to form an earring shape - a sharpie pen is an ideal size for this! Holding both the wires together and the ends flush with each other, bend them at the point where you finished texturizing the wire. Where you bend the wire will affect the length of the earring and the size of the section that will hold the earring in the ear.

Step 5: Bend Some More!

Once the wire has been bent into the ear wire shape, take a pair of nylon jawed pliers and bend the very end of the short length to a slight angle.

Step 6: Polish

Using a cup burr in either a hand tool or a hand drill, burr the ends of wire so that they are smooth. This step can also be done by hand using sanding sticks or wet and dry papers. Finish by polishing the earrings using either silicon polishers, tripoli and rouge with soft mops or soft wheels. Both can be used with a hand tool or a hand drill - if you do not have this, polishing papers will provide a perfect polished finish too.