Silkon Thread - Various options

Silkon Thread - Various options

Silkon thread is a bonded synthetic fibre which does not fray or stretch and can be used without a needle.

  • Thickness available:  0.4mm and 0.3mm - suitable for a wide range of beads
  • Gauge: 0.4mm (medium/thick No.3), 0.3mm (fine No.1)
  • Breaking strain: 0.4mm approximately 23lbs (10.4 kilos) and 0.3mm approximately 11lbs (4.98 kilos)
  • Available as 18m reel or 3m card and when available 50cm and 100cm lengths
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Does not fray or stretch
  • Can be used without a needle

Current stock of Gold 0.3mm thickness is brown-gold colour rather than a yellow-gold colour as the image suggests

Current stock of Red 0.3mm thickness is berry-red colour rather than a bright pillar-box red as the image suggests

Product code: LS108

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