Wire Wrapping Techniques & Advice

Wire wrapping is a popular jewellery making technique that opens doors to a whole array of beautiful jewellery designs without the need for an abundance of tools. Techniques can incorporate anything from gemstone beads, gemstones cabochons to charms and just pure wire work. The following pages give tips, advice and techniques in different areas of wire wrapping. These technique are accessible to all levels of jewellery makers.

Recommended Tools For Wire Wrapping

Round Nose Pliers - for shaping and bending the wire.

Side Cutters - for cutting the wire.

Snipe Nose Pliers (also known as chain nose pliers) - great all purpose pliers, good for shaping and getting to hard to reach places.

Flat Nose Pliers - helps to create sharp corners in the wire.

Alternatively, we also offer a complete Pack of Pliers and Side Cutters which include all of the above as well and bent nose pliers (hand for very hard to reach places) all in one handy case.