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Behind The Scenes: Sourcing Our Australian Boulder Opals

Every year, we get to meet up with Debbie to find you the most magical opals to create something magical...

This is our chance to discover brand new unique gemstones, and cherry pick the best ones just for you. We've so proud to have a 20 year long standing relationship with Debbie and her husband and that we have the chance to support another small, family business just like ours.

Go behind the scenes with Kernowcraft's Managing Director, Hannah Hodge and our Buyer Hayley as we chat for hours, drink lots of tea and ensure we pick you the most beautiful yet affordable Australian boulder opals to use in your jewellery designs.

We always look out for the best quality opals, at a great price for our customers while also searching for opals that have an even surface that can be easily set.

With over 200 opals to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice! Discover the opal category, bursting with amazing pieces to suit your taste and budget. 

Go behind the scenes as we cherry pick our favourites just for you...

Opal shopping continues...

We fell in love with these pinky-violet opals, we've never seen any like them before! Behind them you can see wood opal which is a form of petrified wood - it's absolutely beautiful.

Our Australian boulder opals are mined, cut and polished by a family we have been working with for over 20 years.

Watch opals in action!

Watch some of the most beautiful opals and their stunning flashes! Red is such a rare colour to find in an opal, and these are just something else...

Take a look at the beautiful opals we picked for you...

Spot one you love? Be quick - each one is unique and one of a kind!

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Read our step by step project on how to create a ring setting for a free form cabochon. It can be used with any irregular stone you'd like to use, whether it's an Australian boulder opal or a piece of sea glass.

Find Out More About Australian Boulder Opals

What exactly is a boulder opal, where do they come from and what makes them special?