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Jewellery Packaging Ideas

So you've made beautiful handmade jewellery but how are you going to present it?

Whether you're giving your jeweller as a gift or selling your jewellery as a business and at craft fairs, your packaging speaks volumes and can make all the difference. 

Choosing jewellery packaging can be difficult with so many options available. In this post, we share with you our best selling range of jewellery packaging from gift bags, velvet boxes to display packaging.

You can get creative with jewellery packaging by adding decorative elements such as using ribbon around the box, adding a sticker of your business logo or adding a tag with a special note.

Discover your packaging options below and be inspired...

Gift Bags

Gift bags are a simple way to present your handmade jewellery as a gift. It's informal and affordable, making it perfect for a friend but can also work great at craft fairs for keeping the jewellery safe.

Organza Gift Bags

These attractive drawstring pouches are made from a lovely sheer material and are perfect for jewellery and gifts. They are brilliant to take to craft fairs and to use as wedding favours. Available in a range of colours with Kernowcraft to suit your brand or style.

Velvet Effect Drawstring Pouches

These popular presentation bags offer a more luxury design and have a fine, flocked velvet effect finish and are great for jewellery or gifts.

Presentation Boxes

Presentation boxes come in all shapes and sizes. They are also available in a range of materials so you can choose the best design to suit your style and designs. Whether you're after affordability or luxury, we've got the packaging options you need...

Cardboard Boxes

These cardboard boxes offer a professional way to present your handmade jewellery. They come with flocked foam inserts which make your jewellery really stand out.

Plastic Display Boxes

These plastic display boxes are perfect to use at craft fairs! Not only will potential customers see your handmade jewellery beautifully presented, they may be sold on the beautiful box it comes with too. They have a white plastic base and transparent lid and are available in a variety of sizes.

Velvet Presentation Boxes

These high quality yet affordable velvet presentation boxes are stylish and look lovely with both classic and contemporary designs. They are available in three sizes to suit your design, they have luxurious black flocked velvet effect inserts and white satin lined lids.

Linen Card Boxes

Jewellery packaging comes in all shapes, sizes and colours too! These silver linen card boxes are perfect for your handmade jewellery. Why not tie a ribbon or if you're a business, add a sticker with your logo onto it?

Black Card Boxes

These rectangular boxes are great for presenting your necklace or earring designs. They are smart and affordable, the lid is covered in a quality textured black paper and the base is white card, complete with a white wadding insert to support your handmade jewellery designs.