How To Set Up An Etsy Shop For Your Handmade Jewellery Business

So you’re thinking of setting up an Etsy shop?

Moving from a hobby and choosing to make money from your jewellery is a huge step and one you should be proud of.

It’s really exciting but don’t jump in too fast! Do your research, know what to expect and have a plan you can follow.

Etsy is a fantastic platform, with a supportive community of makers and mindful buyers who are looking for exactly what you offer! These potential customers are actually out to buy, so this is about giving them a reason to choose you.

Follow our tips below on how to set up your handmade jewellery business through Etsy, photographing your jewellery, perfecting product descriptions and more!

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Get your branding right

First things first, it’s important to know exactly what you want to achieve by opening an Etsy shop. Before hitting the set up button, be sure that you know what your brand is all about.

Does your handmade jewellery business stand out from the crowd? Is it easy to recognise on different platforms? Know your product and your particular style before jumping in.

This includes areas such as your shop name, colour schemes, photography style, the tone of language you will be using and logos. For more about branding, read our advice page.

Once you’re happy with your branding, you can get going! But don’t forget to keep it consistent.

Set up an Etsy account

Sign into Etsy and create an account which includes a username and password. You can then create a shop to sell your jewellery by clicking Sell On Etsy, here you will be asked your language, currency, shop name, payment methods and the chance to add your first listing.

Here you will also be able to add your shop policies including shipping information and details on returns and exchanges. Etsy also gives you the option to add frequently asked questions, so you can inform any potential customers on important information.

It’s really easy, with simple steps to follow which will guide you through the process.

What if my business name is taken on Etsy?

You can only have a unique shop name on Etsy, so you may find that yours is taken. 

If you find this happens to you, you could add words to your jewellery business name such as design, handmade, uk and jewellery. Don’t worry too much if it’s not exact, people will be focusing on your products rather than your shop name. 

Just make sure your other branding, including your logo and tone of voice is consistent on every platform you use. If you do wish to change your shop name, you can do this again on a later date through your account.

What about the fees?

Etsy is an affordable platform with seller protection, meaning it’s a secure site to sell your jewellery. There are no monthly fees however there is a cost per listing, and these listings are active for four months or until they sell.*

Once a listing is sold, Etsy will charge a small commission fee and standard payment processing fee. Please note, these could change so always refer back to Etsy regarding fees.

*Always check Etsy for up to date information on pricing and policies.

How do I price my jewellery?

Pricing jewellery can seem like a daunting task. You have to think about your competition, value your time and the fees associated with Etsy.

Take into consideration the cost of materials, Etsy fees, the time it takes to make the item, your competitors and the profit margin you would like to make on each item.

You may want to have a slightly lower price than your competitors, and once you increase your sales and exposure you can then bump up the price.

Download the app to stay updated

You can manage your online jewellery business wherever you are. With the handy app, you can edit listings, respond to buyers and also analyse what is going on with your listings.

Now for the fun stuff – tell customers more about you!

With an Etsy shop, you can add more information about your jewellery. Add a line to your bio, which sits underneath your shop’s name, telling people about your handmade business.

In your shop’s About section, you can go into more detail about your business. This is a great chance to tell a story about your designs, how it all started and give people a reason to choose you over others. Show the value on your jewellery designs.

This is your chance to be friendly, don’t worry about sounding professional or formal. Show off your personality and act human, but ensure to check your grammar and spelling before updating the section.

Photography matters

Taking photos of jewellery is tricky business, we know all too well at Kernowcraft! Etsy is a visual platform, meaning potential customers are more likely to check out your jewellery if you have clear, bright and interesting photos.

With each listing, try and upload more than one photo of your piece of jewellery. This gives more insight into the size, different angles and potential of the item. Keep the background simple, with neutral colours. Using props can also be a good way to sell your jewellery too, experiment with different styles and tempt those customers in! If you struggle with photography, read our in depth guide on photographing your jewellery.

Be detailed with product descriptions

It is really important that your product descriptions are useful, filled with keywords and gives your customer a reason to buy it.

Find inspiration from other people selling on Etsy, but make sure you don’t copy them. It may be useful to have a template for all your listings and change it to fit.

Ask yourself what questions some people may ask when stumbling across your listing and use words that someone would use to find your jewellery in the Etsy search bar. Try and be as detailed as possible and get those key words in there, so when they search for what they are looking for, you are easily found.

Also ensure that you fill out all the categories within your listing including title, category, price, quantity, description, shipping details and tags.

Make sure it’s easy to contact you

Although you can directly contact a seller, it is always good to add your email to your About page.

Also, if you have social media accounts make sure you add links to your Etsy shop to each platform. You will want to promote your page and jewellery on these sites – more about that later…

Give amazing customer service

Having an Etsy shop means you may get questions and queries about your products. Try and answer quickly and give a friendly, detailed and useful response.

It’s good to encourage feedback on your listings and items. You can write this in your About section and also promote this on social media. Always respond to any feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. With those negative comments, try and remain professional yet personal.

Promote your Etsy shop

It’s time to sit back and watch those sales roll in… or so we think! Unfortunately, it can be hard to get immediate sales on your shop but with a little bit of promotion, it can go a long way.

Social media is a great way to shout about your handmade jewellery business. Facebook and Instagram are both brilliant platforms for exposure, as you can show off your products visually within a community interested in your designs.

Use hashtags on Instagram to get feedback and reach a new audience. Use clear and high quality images and make conversation with likeminded people and potential customers, it's all about being social!

Using Facebook advertising could also be a great way to target people interested in your product. Or perhaps a newsletter would be a better investment of your time or even collaborating with another jeweller? It’s all about being noticed, and finding what works for you.

What makes you stand out?

You know your brand inside out – but what makes you different from your competitors? Embrace these differences, show off what you have to offer and build a community around your brand and products.

Use The Etsy Seller Handbook

Filled with useful handy tips and guides to help you along your Etsy journey.

Now all that’s left is to have some fun! Good luck, you’ve got this!

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