26 Blog Post Ideas for Jewellery Makers

If you’re a jewellery maker, a blog is a great way to engage with your audience, share ideas and make your designs stand out from the rest! Whether you make jewellery as a hobby or run a small business, there is so much you can share with your readers to make them come back for more.

Collaborating with other jewellery makers and brands is also a great way to shout about your business. 

In the meantime, we have 26 blog post ideas to inspire yourself and other creatives!

Share your story

This is a great chance to share how you got started in your jewellery making journey and what you have learned along the way.

Caring for jewellery

Let people know your tips and tricks on caring for precious accessories, for example cleaning jewellery and avoiding tarnish on metal. 

Using birthstones in your designs

Show a tutorial of a birthstone to inspire others on the many ways you can incorporate the stones in designs.

A simple tutorial 

Create a step by step guide, video or infographic to showcase an easy make people can follow.

Get summer ready

Discuss fashion favourites when it comes to jewellery for festivals and holiday looks.

Bridal jewellery inspiration

Chat about how to create stunning and timeless wedding pieces that are unique and personal.

How to choose sizes

It could be useful to have images of a step by step method so people can understand easily, whether that's bracelets, rings or chains.

Top jewellery Instagram accounts to follow

A great way to share inspiration and grow the relationship within the community, they may even share the blog post. Don't forget to follow Kernowcraft too!

Book review

Is there a good read that inspired you and taught you something new? Share it with your readers! Click here to see our range of books.

Styling and photographing jewellery

Some people may be apprehensive when it comes to styling however you can show others how easy it is to make an outfit stand out with accessories. Photography is also important, so share your tips for selling on Etsy for example.

A peek into your collection 

Show others an insight into your jewellery pieces through photos or video, it could be amazing inspiration for others.

Inspired by the seasons

Show how you can embrace certain seasons with designs, charms and colours. Check out our 'Greenery Collection' now for inspiration.

Share the love!

Talk about your favourite designers, jewellers and spread awareness - they will love you for it!

Using crystals in your designs

Great for festival season, summer and creating a focus point on any outfit.

Learning from your jewellery mistakes

We have all had hiccups along the way but they are something we can learn from too!

Workbench tour

Why not share your workspace, people love a sneak peek behind the scenes and you can even provide a little inspiration for those wanting to spice up their space. Read our post with Victoria Walker who chats to us about setting up your work bench

Your guide to selling at trade fairs

Share photos and your thoughts on creating an engaging and visual stand or discuss your preparation for the event.

Photography tips and tricks

Taking photos of your jewellery is important, especially if you want to make sales. So let your readers know your secrets! Read our photography tips here.

Have conversations

Conduct and share an interview with a fellow jeweller, get their tips and advice to share with others. Check out our interview with Tegen Foote here for inspiration.

Creating a brand for your jewellery

Discuss where to start, how to choose a name and get people talking about your jewellery.

How to wire wrap a stone

It's a beautiful design - showcase how easy it can be!

How to price your jewellery

Share your experience in making decisions with your shop and pricing.

Mental health and being creative

Maybe jewellery helped with your mental health? Share your story and find out if others have experienced the same.

Your guide to selling in shops and galleries

Help others with an insight into how to get your jewellery shared in your community, online and beyond.

Making the jump from part-time to full-time jeweller

Post your experiences and advice, you might help someone make that jump they've always dreamed of making.


You can use your blog to let your readers discover offers, competitions or any little update!

We hope this list fills you with inspiration! Don’t forget to tag us in your blog posts so we can share them on our social media. Kernowcraft look forward to reading about your creations and ideas!

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