4 Ways To Refresh Your Handmade Business

A little change can go a long way, and that's what today's guest writer found out!

Claire Halligan is a jewellery designer from Glasgow, creating minimalistic designs using metal and gemstones.

Claire took some time out to think about how she can refresh her handmade business and keep her customers interested. She now has a beautiful new geometric inspired collection of jewellery designs, a brand new stall layout and logo!

Keep reading to discover Claire's simple changes and find out how you can make a difference to your handmade jewellery business too.

Business is always changing... so how do we keep up with the change?

After a while you do become comfortable with the new routine of business and more importantly how your business is doing. If you are like me and found after a year you felt as though your brand was becoming stale and needed a little change then this blog post is for you.

Here are some of the changes I made to Pop Up Jewellery Ltd to give it a little boost of life!

Launch a new collection

At the start of the year I took two months off stalls and production (yes I was terrified) and spent those months researching a topic I adored! 

Using inspiration from the 1920s Art Deco movement I created my Art Deco Collection. A collection which is very different to my previous designs as with the Art Deco it is more geometric and concentrates on shapes within shapes.

Although I still kept to my minimalistic design meaning yes I created a collection that was nothing like my previous but I still kept my minimal approach which is one of the key points my cliental love.

Create or update your logo

Now I never really knew how a logo could really give a business a more professional approach, I just thought logos were for big companies! But once I added a logo it really did give Pop Up Jewellery Ltd a whole new professional look and brought it to a level I never thought was possible.

Logos also make it easier for your clients to remember you and your designs. Deciding on my logo was easy for me as I actually chose my diamond drop earrings as mine! This also made the brand stronger by relating my logo back to my products.

Update your stall layout

Changing your stall layout may not be for everyone but I decided if I was changing everything else about my business why not treat myself to a new stall layout!

When creating my new stall I thought about the Art Deco Collection and built the stall stands around the jewellery.

Once I knew what I wanted I went to a company called Cedar Lane Woodworks who hand built every aspect of my stall and in my opinion, they have done an amazing job and really boosted my sales at stalls.

Experiment with new product images

If you are selling online, photography is so important and gives you huge brownie points! We need to remember our clients can’t physically see our product to make judgment so we need to show as much of the jewellery we can through images.

With the Art Deco Collection I have images of myself wearing my jewellery and also a different background on the actual pieces. In my previous designs I used an outdoor stone background for my images but as the Art Deco Collection is brand new and different I experimented with different background drops and settled on a plain grey background.

If you are needing help photographing you jewellery I suggest reading Kernowcraft's blog ‘The Ultimate Guide To Photographing Jewellery’ I know it really helped me!

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