11 Marketing Tips For Your Handmade Jewellery Business

It's time to get your jewellery business noticed!

With thousands of jewellers out there, it can be hard to get your business noticed and offer something different than everyone else. Today we are discussing our top tips and advice when it comes to running your own handmade business and simple ways you can get your jewellery in front of the people who matter.

This blog post is a great place to start if you’re just starting out or if you want some extra tips to make your brand even bigger. We chat about using social media to build brand awareness to collaborating with other brands, you can also find out how to be a guest writer right here on this very blog!

Well, let's get stuck in...

Consistency is key

What is it that makes your jewellery business stand out from the rest? Whatever it may be, this is key to promoting your jewellery. It’s crucial that your brand and values are consistent in whatever you do, whether that’s designing a website, creating new designs or advertising. Your business should be recognisable, so ensure that your logo, colour scheme and tone of language is consistent at all times so you customers know what to expect from you.


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Get to know your customers

Who is your customer? What’s their age, location and interests? Knowing this information can be truly beneficial to your business. Start by conducting customer surveys and finding out more about your customers. You can also link Google Analytics to your website to analyse your audience and web statistics, you can then use these statistics to understand your audience's behaviour and work on new projects that your customers care about.

Take a second look at your website

If you have a website it can be good to take a step back and rethink the design. Make notes into whether it is current, up to date and providing the best information about your business. Is the website easy to navigate, could the about page be better or could your photos be in need of a refresh? All these little details can make a difference to your customer's experience and could be stopping them from ordering with you.

If you have an Etsy page, ensure this is clear on your website homepage and when it comes to product descriptions, ensure they are clear, detailed and use persuasive language to draw your customer in!

Start blogging

A great way for your handmade jewellery business to be found is through starting a blog. With each blog post, you can share this on your social media platforms and bring people to your website and get your website found in Google too. This is your chance to share your news and knowledge with others, whether it’s jewellery making tips or sharing your week at the workbench.

Don’t have a website? Check out Wordpress’ blog post on building your website in 5 easy steps.

Send your first newsletter

Email marketing is brilliant to engage your customers. Whether you have a new product or you want to inform your customers on a new offer, an email is a great way to do this. Aim for short, clear and concise emails and build your subscriber lists by promoting it on your website, social media or at craft fairs.

Run a giveaway

A giveaway on social media or your website is a great way to get your business noticed and have some fun! Select your prize and get your customers engaged – whether it’s offering them a gift voucher or finished piece of jewellery to win! Don’t forget that when you run a giveaway on Facebook, you must agree to Facebook’s terms and conditions.


Step up your photography game

If the photography on your website or social media isn't up to scratch, this could lead a potential customer running. It makes a huge difference to the overall appearance of your brand. Catch people’s attention with clear, eye catching images that meet your brand and style. Show off your products the best way you can, with cameo shots and lifestyle shots too so that you can share online and get people talking.


Wear your jewellery

Wearing your own jewellery can be the best way to market your designs. If someone compliments you on your design you can get talking about your handmade business through word of mouth.

Attend craft fairs

Pitching up at a craft fair is a great break away from the computer and talk face to face with potential customers. Look online for crafts fairs in your local area and get planning! Choose your chosen products you would like to sell and make sure you get talking to people about your business.

Be active on social media

Facebook and Instagram are both brilliant platforms for your jewellery business because they are so visual. Use photos, text and video to push your products in front of people.

Ensure that if you have a website that you are linking back to your social platforms and keep your profile image (ideally your logo) the same across all platforms so people can recognise your brand more easily when browsing on different sites.

Other platforms to consider are Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and Linked In.

Facebook: Create a profile with a detailed about section, clear profile, cover photo and contact section. Post on Facebook daily, inform your customers on latest news, collections and behind the scenes fun so your customers can get to know you! It’s all about having fun with your community and connecting with other creatives to support one another.

Instagram: Post daily and use appropriate hashtags so people can find your business easily. It is also a good idea to keep your Instagram feed consistent with a certain style, to bring more followers in as they know what to expect from your future content. Don’t forget to write a simple yet informative bio and explain what your business is all about with a clear contact button or email address.

Don't forget - the secret to running successful social media accounts? Be social! It's that easy.

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What our customers say...

We asked on the Kernowcraft Facebook page what our customers find the best way to promote their jewellery business and social media came out on top!

Anna from Anna Ancell Jewellery said:

I find Instagram is the most effective platform for promoting and directing customers to your website. A hugely supportive community filled with lots of amazing makers (Not just Jewellery) I also use Facebook and Twitter with varying degrees of success.

Sam from Lilly Alexandra Silver said:

Definitely Instagram, I love how quick and easy it is to use and promote.

Alisa from AWR Jewellery said:

I love Insta too! It's perfect for showing customers behind-the-scenes snaps as well as finished pieces.

Raddy, from Jewellery By Juna said:

Unfortunately, I am part of the Facebook generation and Instagram is not really my thing - as much as I try. Facebook is great but we love to meet our customers face to face, fairs, markets and pop up shows.

Alda, from Gemi Precious Jewellery said:

I use Facebook but I also have a space in a local artisan hub. I have the shop name on my Facebook page and my Facebook page on my banner in the shop. I have also built my own website which is linked to Facebook.

Advertise and collaborate

By advertising online and on print, you are reaching out to potential customers and increasing your brand awareness. When doing so, be sure that you are tracking how well these adverts are doing for your business, whether that is click through rates or a number of sales using a particular discount code. Alternatively, ask your customers where they found you and keep a record of what works and what doesn’t.

You can also team up with your favourite creatives to shout about your jewellery business whether that's contacting magazines, jewellers, bloggers, shops or companies with an interest in collaborating on something special such as editorials or projects.

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What Our Customers Say...