10 Reasons Your Jewellery Business Needs Social Media

When we talk to jewellery designers, they always tell us how social media has helped their business succeed. It's one of the best ways to raise awareness of your business, engage with customers and get those sales in. Even if jewellery making is your hobby, social media can be a brilliant space to connect with like-minded creatives, be inspired by designs and get feedback on your own.

What is social media?

Social media are social networking sites and apps that enable you to share content and interact within a community space.

What social media platforms should I be on?

There are so many social media platforms to choose from but being a business, it can be best to focus on 2 main accounts. Any more than this can be overwhelming and you might struggle to keep them all updated regularly.

The most popular social media platforms include Instagram - a fantastic visual platform, perfect for jewellers to showcase their jewellery and to get in front of potential customers. Facebook is also a great platform to share content with your customers and encourage people to share your designs with their friends. Other sites to consider are Twitter which is a word based platform, Pinterest for imagery and YouTube for videos.

Now let's jump into why you need social media for your business!

1. Build awareness of your business

Scrolling through social media is part of many people’s daily routine, so if you want to get your handmade jewellery out into the world, social media is the place to do just that. It gives you the chance to reach a whole new audience by sharing content on a regular basis.

2. Share your personality with your customers

People on social media love to see behind the scenes action. So having your handmade business on social media means you can get your personality across and build a stronger relationship with your followers.

Whether that’s through posting your creative processes, sharing a video of you working at your bench or simply writing an engaging description of the inspiration behind a particular design. Don’t be afraid to get yourself out there as by doing so, your followers will feel like they’re getting to know you and will trust you as a business.

By being interactive with your followers and putting your personality across online, you are more likely to build a more engaged following which will then hopefully increase your followers and help you make sales.

3. Promote your new designs

The power of social media means that a single post of a new design could land you a sale right away. If your customers know that you'll be posting new items for sale on your social media, they will be more inclined to follow you. Promoting your new designs keeps your followers updated and gives you the chance to land a sale quickly.

4. Be part of a community

If you’re already on social media, you’ll know that it is a great place to meet like-minded creatives and gives you the chance to be part of a supportive community. By joining Facebook groups or by commenting on another jeweller’s photo, you’ll be building amazing online relationships and learning from each other too.

Being a jeweller can be a lonely hobby or profession but being part of an online space can make you feel like you are part of one big family.

It’s also a chance to get to know your followers and customers, so don’t forget to respond to all the comments and messages you receive. By continuing the conversation, people are more likely to continue to comment on your work and share your page with their friends.

Don't forget to stay active on your social media accounts to maintain an engaged audience, we'd recommend posting daily content.

5. Find out what your customers think

Sharing your designs online can seem a little daunting but social media gives you the chance to find out more about your customers.

You will be able to look at your past posts and see which designs get the most interaction, giving you more insight into the jewellery people like most.

This is also a great way to get feedback from your customers - you can ask them questions, ask for feedback and gain valuable information to help with your next design.

Once you have built a following, through a business account you can find out more about your followers such as their gender, age, location etc. This can be great for getting to know your customer base and creating content around these statistics. 

If a customer posts a photo of your design, this is not only great promotion of your business but also a brilliant opportunity to share with your own followers. Ask for permission to post the photo to your own account to share this with your followers which will hopefully temp some new sales!

6. Create an engaged following

Use your platforms to start a conversation about your handmade jewellery.

By writing engaging descriptions on your posts and adding as much detail as you can, this will encourage your followers to respond to your post through liking and commenting. By asking questions, you’re inviting your followers to interact with you and this way you can continue to build relationships with your customers.

7. Develop your brand

It’s always important to keep your brand in mind with everything related to your business. Upload your logo as your profile photo and post a link to your website or shop in the link field.

If you have other platforms such as a website, try to keep the same style, tone of voice and content similar so that you are recognisable across all sites. This will maintain customer loyalty and trust among new customers.

Read more about creating a brand for your jewellery business here.

Kim Thomson - "I really struggled with my brand for 14 years! I do lots of different things so it was really difficult to package them into something cohesive and clear. It wasn't until I started using Instagram to share what I was up to every day, that my brand naturally emerged."

8. Create leads and bring traffic to your site

By providing a link to your website or shop your followers will be able to shop easily.

For example, when you post a new design which is now on sale - you can promote this on your Facebook page along with a link along with an urgent description to get followers to take action quickly! On all of your posts, it is a good idea to have a call to action such as ‘click the link to shop’ or ‘comment below to let me know what you think’.

9. Keep your customers updated

Many people follow you on social media to keep up to date with your business. So make sure you update your platforms with any news or changes to your business.

This could be whether your shop is closed for a period of time, if you have a new design or maybe you have a big announcement such as a launch of a new collection.

Your followers will appreciate being kept in the loop and will be more likely to purchase from you if you provide them with useful information.

10. Give brilliant customer service

Being on social media means your customers can contact you easily if they have a question or issue with their purchase. By being accessible and responding quickly, customers will trust your business will be more likely to place a future purchase and recommend to their friends because of your wonderful customer service.

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