Choosing A Brand Name For Your Handmade Jewellery Business

So you’re ready to take your hobby to the next level? If you want to start selling your jewellery, you need a name!

This is probably one of the most stressful parts of setting up your own business and one of the first things you need to think about.

In this post, we discuss the many ways you can come up with ideas and also what action you need to take if you’ve picked a name to represent your business.

Be On Brand

Your business name needs to be cohesive with the rest of your branding. It’s a great idea to work on your overall brand alongside your business name, so you can create a consistent image of your business which will be recognised by your customers. This includes your logo, colour scheme, website design etc.

If you already have your branding in place, ensure your name is a perfect fit alongside this.

Read our blog post on creating a brand for your handmade jewellery business.

Create a word board

It’s all about being experimental! When coming up with a business name, it’s always great to get your thoughts down on paper.

Start by creating a word board of words that relate to you and your handmade jewellery. If your jewellery is colourful and fun, write these words down along with others such as pop, bright, glee, joy, happiness, merry - whatever springs to your mind. Use a thesaurus to help you find new and interesting words.

Continue writing keywords until you whole page is full! These words will give you a better understanding of the messages and connotations of your handmade jewellery, making them perfect to fit alongside your business. Now you can mix and match with your favourites - try these words alongside each other, translate to a different language, shorten words and experiment until you can create a list of your favourites.

Focus on your customers

You want your business name to be one that your customers will love, remember and be inspired by. Write down all the feedback you have received from customers and what jewellery sells the best, use these keywords to add to your word board.

Once you have your list of favourite names, think back to your customers and whether this business name would resonate with them.

Keep it short, sweet and memorable

Keep it simple, if you have a long business name it is likely to be forgotten easily. With a short and sweet name which is easy to spell, customers are much more likely to remember you and make it easier for them to search for you online, on social media and through word of mouth.

Choose a name that lasts a lifetime

If you choose a business name that only focuses on one thing such as ‘Jane’s Beaded Jewellery’ this could be a potential problem in the future. What if Jane decides she wants to focus on gemstones a few years later? This can be misleading to customers and doesn’t match the message that Jane is trying to put across. This is why you need to choose a name that will last and continue to fit with your continuously growing business.

Add keywords

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important factor when it comes to setting up your handmade business.

If you can get keywords such as jewellery into your name, this will not only help tell customers you are a jewellery business but can also help you be seen online in search engines such as Google.

Should you use your own name?

Many jewellers use their own name as their business name such as ‘Jane Smith Jewellery’ and this has become a great way to make a business personal, putting the designer at the focus of the brand and offering that professional touch.

If you do this, make sure customers get to know you through photos and behind the scenes images and videos. Also don’t forget it’s always great to add keywords such as ‘jewellery’ like we previously mentioned to make it obvious that you’re a business selling jewellery.

Be patient and ask for help

If you still haven’t come to a decision after a few days, don’t panic! Give yourself a break and come back to it with a clear mind.

It also doesn’t hurt to turn to friends and family members to get their thoughts by showing your list and words. If you’re on social media, ask your friends and followers their thoughts, start a poll or ask other jewellers in jewellery making groups on Facebook.

Once you’ve chosen your business name, do your research

Don’t get your hopes up so soon once you’ve reached a decision! You need to do your research to ensure that the name you like isn’t being used by anyone else.

Do a simply Google search for any potential businesses or online presence featuring the name, you can also search for trademarks, registered names, domain names and social media handles. Ideally, you will want the same name on all the platforms you use.

Secure your business name

There are simple steps you can take to secure your business name. Firstly, register your business, purchase a domain name so you can secure your own website url, edit your usernames on your social media platforms and use it on your marketing materials.

Shout about your business

Now you’ve decided on a business name, it’s time to tell the world! Announce the news on your website, social media and to your customers. You want to build brand awareness around your business and make sure people remember your business name.

Hear From Jewellers & How They Chose Their Business Names...

We asked our lovely customers on Facebook to share their process behind their name and we loved reading them all.

Ula Jewellery - "My little jewellery making business uses locally found sea glass whilst doing beach cleanups. It was hard trying to find a fitting name, but eventually, after some research, I came up with Ula Jewellery - Ula is Celtic for ‘gem of the sea'."

Collin & Hazel Designs - "The name came about cos I lost my beloved pet Hazel she was so dear to me that when she passed away in late summer 2018. The Collin part is devoted to my dear dad who also died in December 2018. My dad was my biggest mentor he would encourage me to sell my jewellery and turn my hobby into a jewellery business so this name is in dedication to my pet Hazel and my dear dad Collin."

Candy Cart Jewellery - "When I started selling I used a Candy Cart to display my jewellery on at craft fairs. Not only could I display my jewellery more at eye level, but people also remembered the Candy Cart and it made it easier for them to find me online."

Schatzi Silver - "Schatzi is a German endearment meaning "little treasure". My Dad was in the army and I was born in Germany - my parents used it for me. I thought it was a nice way to be personal but not use my name!"

Scruffy Dog Silver - "My little business was rebranded in 2011 and named after my beautiful Beardie Girl BadgerBear, my first dog. A clever friend created my logo using a holiday snap! My husband came up with the name Scruffy Dog Silver... it just felt right. A tribute to her having just said goodbye. I now share my workshop and biscuits with 2 other Beardies... all from the same family line... double trouble."

Little Bear Silver Creations - "Little Bear is simply my dog's nickname! I decided that I didn’t want to use my own name & little bear just seemed right."

Bluehill Jewellery - "I live in a small village in west Wales, my house sits on the top of a hill that in spring is filled with bluebells, as you look down the hill into the valley the hill is completely blue, that’s where the name BlueHill jewellery comes from."

Coco's Crafts - "My gran always called me Coco the clown. I call my business Coco's Crafts in her memory."

Lentri - "I picked Lentri for mine because it means 'gleam' in Kernewek. Standing on the coast path looking at the sunlight reflecting off the sea below, I thought the name tied in nicely both with our beautiful county and the polished silver pieces that I love to make :)"

Edna May - "Mine is called Edna May after both my grandmothers. Both passed away before I ever thought I could make jewellery so it’s in their memory. Xxx"

Chilli Designs - "Honestly was lost for names as too many “J’s” in my name already.... and Justine Jarman Jewellery was too much! Sitting in a cafe with a creative friend of mine... next to us was a shelf of Chilli Jam.... my friend said my designs are both ‘cool’ and ‘hot’ just like chilly/chilli... and so emerged the name ‘Chilli Designs’!"

LillyAlexandra - "My beautiful daughters."

Honey Bee Design - "Mine is Honey Bee Design after my middle name Melissa, which means Honey Bee in Greek 🐝 😊."

Nuttybeader - "I am a little bit nuts (depression) and I am addicted to beads and all things shiny."

Abacus Beading - "By day I'm a bookkeeper, by night I make jewellery. I wanted something that incorporated both. I friend suggested Abacus Beading, I liked it so went with it. At the time I did only bead weaving, but as I have expanded to other techniques, I might have a wee tweak."

Knotted Rose - "My name is Rebecca Rose and my jewellery business is Knotted Rose. In some languages, Rebecca means 'To tie' hence 'knotted' and then my surname Rose. It's really is simply my name 🌹."

Binksy Crystals - "Originally Binksy Bracelets before I rebranded to Binksy Crystals. Binksy came from me calling our son Jar Jar Binks while pregnant after we decided to name him Jarvis."

Dragonfly Handcrafted Designs - "My Business name Dragonfly Handcrafted Designs is a name which I thought about a long time ago. I hoped it would convey my jewellery that I make in that with Dragonflies - they are unique and you don’t see them very often hence my designs being so too 😊."

Sammaras - "My business name is called Sammaras. It’s a mix of my late mums & my name (Maria and Samantha) 😊 I’ve always concentrated on beadwork mainly but I’m looking forward to stepping into the world of silversmithing soon 😁."

Mollique - "I make and sell unique jewellery and my name is Molly. Hence the name."

Caparoti Candles - "It is the first two letters of my families names CArole PAul RObert Tizzi sounds sort of Italian too lots of people ask if we are!!!"

Sweet Dreams Jewelry - "Because that’s what my pieces are..."

Lily Mo - "Named after two favourite women in my life, My Great Aunt Lily and my Mum Mo."

Usgar Jewellery Designs - "As it means jewel in Gaelic."

Jewellery Laine - "Wanted include names of people who inspired me but are no longer here."

Anura Designs - "I wanted to call myself the silver frog but that name wasn't available. A friend suggested Anura as its the Latin name for all frogs. I chose designs as I now work with gold and other metals. Hence Anura Designs."

Rocks n Chains - "I specialise in chain maille and gemstone jewellery."

Papillon Couture - "As my mother loved butterflies, and my logo is my butterfly tattoo that I got in her memory."

Scrappo Worko - "I thought of this name at the end of my degree course too many years ago to say. It reflects me and says what I do on the tin, so to speak. I mostly use salvaged silver from the scrap dealers. I like to take silver that has no further use, turn it into something beautiful and save it from the big melting pot. My little way of preserving our heritage and history. :) xxx"

Elm View Jewellery Creations - "Elm view is the name of our house."

SilverRipplesJewellery - "For my day job I'm lucky that I work by the sea and in the years before I started making jewellery spent many hours watching it. When the waves are very small and the sun hits them right as they break there is a flash of silver that runs through them, that's where my name comes from."

Prosecco & Rubies - "Bit of a sad story for me... My first “commission” when jewellery making was still a hobby was my dad asking me to make a ruby necklace for my mum for their ruby wedding anniversary. I made it with 40 rubies, one for every year they were married. They spent their wedding anniversary in their favourite restaurant, drinking prosecco, and had a lovely, happy evening. My mum died exactly a week later, very suddenly and unexpectedly. My business is dedicated to her memory, starting with its name, Prosecco & Rubies."

Simply Stylish Silver - "I was trying so hard to come up with a catchy name without success and was wandering along the riverbank one-day playing words in my head and decided to describe my jewellery to myself and came up with Simply Stylish Silver. My logo is the 3 S's linked together."

16 Bead Bay - "I wanted a business name that involved the people that love and support me so I started with 16- my daughter's birth date, BEAD- because I'm obsessed and they're incorporated into my micro macrame work, BAY- my husband proposed to me on a beach called 'Lantic Bay'. My jewellery also has a bohemian beach style so I think it's perfect!"

StudioForty - "My little jewellery making and art business was without a name for some time and I was just working under my own name, then when I turned 40 I was given a huge number 40 badge which for a laugh was hung on the door of my studio next to a little image of a bee. The studio was then christened StudioForty and became its official name that year... plus the bee image used as my logo, I'm a huge bee fan and campaigner for their conservation and protection, bees have often figured in my jewellery designs and artwork."

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