Patina Pendant Tool Kit

Patina Pendant Tool Kit

This tool kit contains the basic tools and supplies you'll need for creating a beautiful patina pendant.

Liver of sulphur is a popular product to create an antiqued, black or iridescent coloured patina on metals - using this technique is a great way to make your surface textures and decorative elements really stand out. You can also use liver of sulphur to darken sterling silver findings or chains too, to give a vintage look!

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Watch how to use liver of sulphur below

Liver of sulphur

Simply dilute a few drops with water and either dip the item in or apply with a brush. Use with cold water for more control creating colours or with hot water for a faster, darker patina. We've added our sample bottle in this tool kit, but it's also available in a 400ml bottle.

For more information on using liver of sulphur, read our advice page

Copper SheetSterling Silver Blank Discs

We've added a 15cm x 15cm copper metal sheet to this kit so you can experiment with adding texture and patina - or check out our range of metal sheet in a variety of metals and diameters to choose from. You can use a jewellers saw to cut the sheet into different shapes and sizes to experiment on.

We've also included a plain disc pendant in this tool kit, so you can experiment with adding texture and patina. Shop our jump rings and chain to complete your necklace design.

Ball pein hammer

A ball pein hammer is brilliant for creating textures on metal and adding a patina will make your piece really stand out! Place your pendant or design onto a steel block and strike with the hammer to achieve your desired pattern.

Plastic tweezers

Use plastic tweezers for adding your metal pieces in and out of the liver of sulphur solution.

Polishing papers

You'll also find our popular sample pack of polishing papers in this kit, great for bringing your pieces up to a high shine by working through the grades. If your piece has texture and you've added a patina, you can use your polishing papers to remove any areas of patina you like, leaving a lovely dark pattern effect for an eye-catching look. Also available in a larger size here.

Midas finish seal lacquer

We've also added a sample bottle of our Midas finish seal lacquer to protect your patina after it's been applied! It forms a hard, clear and protective finish to prevent your patina from coming off. Simply dip, paint or spray it onto the piece, you can also dilute the lacquer at a 1:1 ratio with distilled water for a thinner film.

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