Stone Setting Tool Kit

Stone Setting Tool Kit

Discover our recommended tools for setting gemstones in your jewellery designs!

The Kit Features:

Bezel RockerA bezel rocker is used for creating a neat and even result when setting a stone with a bezel. Once the stone is in the bezel, simply use the bezel rocker to push the metal over the stone, working from all sides and gently rocking back and forth with downward pressure until the stone is nice and secure.

PusherUse a pusher for pushing claws and bezels over stones during the setting process. It has a square, metal rod that is slightly rounded on the corners and polished on the end to minimise any marks during setting.

BurnisherA burnisher is used to create a high shine and a professional finish on your jewellery after the setting process. It can be rubbed over metal to smooth and shine as well as removing marks that have been caused by the setting process.

Ring ClampThis is such an essential workshop tool! Use this ring clamp to set rings and other small pieces which are difficult to hold.

Stone Setting PliersThe jaws on these clever pliers are shaped and grooved so that they fit over the prongs on a setting to provide a fast, safe and controlled way to tighten most claw type stone settings.

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