Sanding & Polishing Metal by Hand Kit

Sanding & Polishing Metal by Hand Kit

This simple kit includes sanding supplies to help prepare your metal jewellery designs for polishing, as well as our popular polishing papers to give your metal to a high shine.

It is perfect if you are working from home and don't have a full workshop, more advanced tools or a rotary tool for polishing such as the Dremel 4000 Multi Tool.

Sanding Sheets & Sponges

Firstly, work your way through the grades of wet and dry sanding sheets to remove any file marks and scratches, achieving a fine surface ready for polishing. We’ve also included our sanding sponges, as these are great to use at this stage or reaching awkward areas on your metal jewellery pieces.

Polishing Papers

Then to go from a pre-polishing state to a high sheen, we recommend working your way through the coloured grades of polishing papers. They come in large sheets so can be easily cut down to smaller pieces and even wrapped around a cocktail stick or similar item to get into hard to reach corners!

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