Jewellery Making Self Care Kit

Jewellery Making Self Care Kit

This bundle contains brilliant supplies to help you stay safe and care for yourself in the workshop while jewellery making!

Wrap Around Safety GogglesThese safety goggles have a wrap-around design giving you better protection whilst jewellery making. They are ultra-lightweight and contour to your face.

Alligator TapeThis is a firm favourite among our customers! Alligator skin finger protection tape protects your fingers and improves grip during jewellery making and crafting. It is self adhering and will protect you from minor cuts, abrasions and burns. It's thin and flexible, leaving no sticky residue. An absolute essential!

Watch alligator tape in action below

FingerThumb ProtectorsThese protectors are great to have available in the workshop, especially whilst using the polishing machine. They are soft and will not compromise finger movement, so you can hold small items. 

Magnifier Lens Headband: If you're likely to be handling small items and doing fiddly work, this headband magnifier is great and has four lenses to choose from depending on your work. These are great for maintaining concentration and reducing eye strain. It has a fully adjustable headband and can be used with prescription glasses.

Find out the benefits of the magnifier lens in the video below

Our Jewellery Making Tool Kits showcase our top tools and supplies for various areas of jewellery making. They are aimed to inspire you, so you easily customise your tool kit to suit your needs and budget. Check out our jewellery making tutorials for free guides, browse our full selection of tools and if you have any further questions please get in touch.

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