Anti Tarnish & Cleaning Kit

Anti Tarnish & Cleaning Kit

This jewellery kit contains everything you need to remove and prevent your jewellery from tarnishing.

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For Removing Tarnish & Cleaning Jewellery

Town Talk Polishing ClothsThese polishing cloths are perfect for getting that sparkle back in your jewellery! Choose the most suitable cloth for you and with a gentle rub, your jewellery will be looking clean and bright. They're pocket size, making them ideal to keep in your bag.

Town Talk Silver SparkleThis silver dip is a brilliant product and a quick fix for renewing the sparkle on your jewellery. All you have to do is dip your jewellery into the cleaning fluid and it will be as good as new.

Town Talk Exquisite Jewel Sparkle Wand: One of our favourite items to keep in our handbags! Gently cleans your jewellery and removes small particles of ingrained dirt, leaving your precious jewellery sparkling.

For Preventing Tarnish

Renaissance Wax: Renaissance wax is a clear protective wax that you can use to protect silver, copper and other metals from tarnishing. Simply apply with a soft cloth and buff gently.

Watch how to use renaissance wax below

Anti Tarnish Paper StripsSimply pop an anti tarnish paper strip and your metal item in an air tight container, such as our plastic bags to prevent tarnishing. You can always trim the strips down to store them with smaller pieces of jewellery. These strips will protect silver, gold, copper, bronze, nickel, tin and plated metals.

Grip Seal BagsWe sell a range of sizes of grip seal bags. They are great for storing beads, findings and finished items of jewellery in. Unlike most plastic bags, these don't contain any sulphur which means items stored in these are less likely to tarnish. Pop an anti-tarnish strip in with your plastic bag to add that extra protection.

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