Metal Clay Moulds Kit

Metal Clay Moulds Kit

This kit is perfect if you love using metal clay or are interested in giving it a go! This also makes a great range of gifts for the creative in your life.

We've included our popular moulding compound to create your own unique designs as well as our ready to use moulds to create charms and pendants.

Art clay silver clay

This amazing clay can be moulded, sculpted and formed just like modelling clay and can be fired using a gas torch or kiln. Once fired, the clay turns into 99.9% pure silver! It's all about being creative and coming up with some interesting designs.

Moulding compound

This easy, quick and safe to use moulding compound is a fantastic way to create moulds which you can use again and again for making metal clay jewellery.

Watch our video on how to use the moulding compound below

Metal clay moulds

How lovely are these metal clay moulds - choose from seashore, leaves to flowers to create charms and pendants! Simply press your metal clay into the mould and allow it to dry before carefully popping it out and firing with a gas torch.

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Art Clay Silver Clay

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Moulding Compound, 100g

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Leaf Collection Metal Clay Mould

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Rose Metal Clay Mould

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Mini Orchids Metal Clay Mould

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Seashore Metal Clay Mould

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