Jeweller's Metal Sawing Tool Kit

Jeweller's Metal Sawing Tool Kit

This jewellery making tool kit contains our recommended tools and essentials for sawing metal - allowing you to cut simple shapes as well as more intricate shapes and pierced designs.

Saw Frame

A jewellers piercing saw is the best tool for cutting circles, rectangles and any other shapes you may require from sheet metal, as well as being ideal for cutting metal tubing and thicker metal wire. Cutting wire with the jewellers piercing saw will also ensure a neat flat edge for successful soldering.

Saw Blades

Saw blades are sold separately and available in three grades, coarse, medium, fine and supplied in a pack of 12.  The most appropriate grade will depend on the thickness of the metal and the nature of the job.

The coarser blades are slightly thicker (and therefore stronger) so they will remove more material than fine grade.

A finer blade should be used for thin metal, cutting curves or for very delicate work.

We always recommend that a beginner should start with medium or coarse blades until the sawing technique is perfected as the fine ones are more liable to break. The general rule of thumb for choosing the correct coarseness of a saw blade is that there are at least 3 saw teeth in contact with the metal when sawing i.e 3 teeth per thickness of the metal sheet.

Approximate number of teeth per mm: 2/0 coarse: 2, 4/0 medium: 3, 6/0 fine: 4

Anvil & Bench Peg

An anvil and bench peg is an essential tool for any jewellery workshop. It screws neatly onto the edge of your work bench or table and provides a flat, steel surface for hammering on and a wooden peg or pin for supporting pieces when sawing, drilling, cutting, filing, sanding, stone setting and much more.

Traditionally the wooden peg is inserted with the sloped size uppermost but it can be easily flipped to provide a flat surface depending on your working style or your project. It is often useful to cut a V or a U shape out of the wooden peg to support metal sheet when drilling or sawing with a piercing saw and you can also cut grooves and indentations to help support work or drill holes for working on pieces with earring posts.

We also sell a spare bench peg so you may find it useful to buy an extra one to keep clean and unaltered one for different projects.

Bees wax

Use this natural beeswax on your saw blades when piercing metal to help the blade glide through the metal and prevent it from 'sticking'. Simply swipe the saw blade through the wax (just once as you do not want to overload the teeth with wax) to help glide the teeth through the metal, especially on the first few cuts until you 'catch the metal'.

You can even swipe the back of the blade to keep the wax from clogging the teeth as it is the back of the blade that can cause binding up. Binding up is when the saw is being pushed through the metal sheet quickly or forcefully which can cause the blade to bend and break.

Alligator Tape

Alligator tape is an absolute essential in any jewellery workshop, protecting your fingers and improving grip during craft and DIY work.


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The Dremel 4000 Multi Tool

A great addition to this kit is the 'Dremel' Multi Tool with the flexi-shaft, which is perfect for drilling and polishing and is an essential bit of kit for your workshop.

Shop Metal

We stock a wide range of metal wire, sheet and tubing to suit your jewellery making. Our metals include sterling silver, copper, brass, 9ct gold, mokume gane and more.

Shop Benches

If you are setting up your workshop, we sell a couple of excellent UK made workbenches which provide a lovely working space as well as somewhere to keep your tools so you can easily carry on with projects whenever you have spare time.

Discover Jewellery Making Books

If you want to further your knowledge and learn new techniques, our range of jewellery making books has been carefully selected to suit anyone from beginners to more advanced jewellery makers.

Recommended books for this kit:

'The Workbench Guide to Jewellery Techniques' by Anastasia Young

'The New Encyclopedia of Jewellery Making Techniques' by Jinks McGrath

'Jewellery Making A Complete Guide For Beginners' by Jinks McGrath

'Complete Metalsmith' by Tim McCreight

Our Jewellery Making Tool Kits showcase our top tools for various areas of jewellery making. They are aimed to inspire you, so you easily customise your tool kit to suit your needs and budget. Check out our jewellery making tutorials for free guides, browse our full selection of tools and if you have any further questions please get in touch.

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