Hammered Copper & Silver Heart Pendant Tool Kit

Hammered Copper & Silver Heart Pendant Tool Kit

This tool kit contains all the jewellery making supplies you need to make your own sterling silver and copper pendant! This is a great beginner metalsmithing project where you'll be able to understand the basics of soldering and texturing. Plus it has all the tools you will likely need for most other projects where you will need to cut, solder and polish metal - that includes making earrings and pendants!

Follow the full tutorial with step by step photos here.

The shopping list contains more metal than needed so you can create even more projects. Choose from our range of jump rings and chain to complete the look and transform your pendant into a necklace! You will also need a pair of snipe nose pliers or flat nose pliers to twist open the jump ring.


1. From 0.5mm sterling silver sheet cut out a heart shape using a jewellers piercing saw and from 0.7mm copper sheet cut out another heart smaller than the first. File off the rough edges from both hearts using files and wet and dry papers.

2. Next it's time to texturise the silver heart. Place the heart on a steel block and use the round end of a repousse hammer to create a hammered effect on the heart.

3. Using medium solder either paillons or paste (you will need flux the pieces of metal if you are using paillons but as there is already flux incorporated in solder paste you can omit this stage) solder the two hearts together. Make sure that the copper heart is flush with the silver heart for a good join.

4. Pickle the heart and clean up any fire stain using wet and dry sanding sheets.

5. Using a centre punch and mallet, mark your silver heart where you will be drilling the hole. Doing this will make it easier to keep the drill point steady and remain in one spot when initially drilling the hole. Drill the hole by using a 1mm twist drill bit with either a hand drillstock or with a power tool, such as the Dremel 4000 Multi Tool. Once the drill hole has been made, use a round file to deburr the edges of the hole.

6. Twist open a jump ring using a pair of snipe nose pliers or flat nose pliers and attach it through the hole and close it again. The jump ring will need to be closed so that the ends are flushed with each other. Once the jump ring is closed use easy solder either paillon or paste. Solder paste is much easier to use on smaller findings and as it already contains flux, the soldering process is much easier. Use a small amount of solder as this will give you less to clean up after firing with a torch. Hold the jump ring in a third hand and allow the hearts to dangle below. Using a small jewellers torch, heat the jump ring using a circular motion and solder the join together.

7. Pickle the whole piece and remove and clean up any excess solder on the jump ring with files or wet and dry papers. Before fixing onto your desired chain, polish the hearts. Polishing can be done using either silicon polishers, tripoli and rouge with soft mops or soft wheels. Both can be used with a hand tool or a hand drill however you can do this by hand with polishing papers. You can polish your finished piece on a bench polisher but never polish anything with a chain on a bench polisher.

8. Attach a necklace chain and your necklace is complete.

With this tool kit, you can customise it to suit your needs and budget by either adding all the tools to your basket or by purchasing individual tools.


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