Bezel Set Ring Tool Kit

Bezel Set Ring Tool Kit

This tool kit contains all the jewellery making supplies you need to make your own bezel set ring for a cabochon or freeform stone such as a piece of sea glass! You can customise the shopping list to suit your needs and budget by either adding all the tools to your basket or by purchasing individual tools.

This project is in collaboration with Sarah Bird from Searose Jewellery where she shared this step by step project on our tutorial page which you can follow along at home here.

This kit has all the tools you'll likely need for most other metalsmithing projects too, and we've included more metal than you will need for this project to make room for mistakes and even more designs.

In Sarah's tutorial, she uses sterling silver sheet to create the bezel setting however as she explains using bezel strip is much easier to use if you're a beginner as it's easier to manipulate! So we've included bezel strip in this tool kit, alternatively, you can use 0.3mm sterling silver sheet to create the bezel setting as Sarah did.

For the ring band, we’ve included 20cm of sterling silver 1.5mm wire so you can cut the required length you need and have plenty left over for another ring or to allow room for mistakes. You can work out how much wire you need by using the following equation: Inside Diameter (mm) + Metal Thickness (mm) x 3.14 = Ring Blank Length. As a rough guide - 6cm of 1.5mm wire should cover ring sizes M - O 1/2 (which means this kit gives you enough to make 3 rings for these sizes). Follow the tutorial on how to make a ring band here.

Find out your ring size by buying our ring sizer here.


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Our Jewellery Making Tool Kits showcase our top tools and supplies for various areas of jewellery making. They are aimed to inspire you, so you easily customise your tool kit to suit your needs and budget. Check out our jewellery making tutorials for free guides, browse our full selection of tools and if you have any further questions please get in touch.

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Fine Silver (99.9%) Bezel Strip

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Jewellers Metal Sheet and Wire Cutters

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Sterling Silver Sheet

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Anvil & Bench Peg

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Jewellers Piercing Saw Frame

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Half Round Pliers (Ring Bending Pliers)

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Argotect Flux, 15g

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Non-Contaminating Flux Brush

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Sterling Silver Solder Strip

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Insulated Reverse Action Soldering Tweezers

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Jewellers Gas Torch

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Soldering Block

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Single Third Hand

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Plastic Tweezers

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Wet & Dry Sanding Sheets

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