Rose Metal Clay Mould

Rose Metal Clay Mould

Price: £7.95 / each

This beautiful rose mould is perfect for creating charms and pendants with metal clays. It has great petal detail which makes a beautiful finished piece.

How to use: Simply press your metal clay into the mould, allow it to dry before carefully popping it out and firing. We're sure you will be thrilled with the effect you can create with such ease.

  • The size of the piece measures 25mm before firing but don’t forget that metal clay usually shrinks around 10% during firing
  • The mould is made from silicon which has a 'silky' feel to it and means that your designs will not stick in the recesses and the flexibility of the material makes it super easy to remove your dry or semi-dried clay
  • Enhance the detail by using liver of sulphur to darken the recesses in your piece
Product code: C285

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