Art Clay™ Silver Clay Tool Bundle

Art Clay™ Silver Clay Tool Bundle

Price: £36.70 / each

Have you wanted to try your hand at creating jewellery with Art Clay but are not sure where to start? Then this Art Clay™ Silver Clay bundle is for you! Containing the very basic tools plus 10 grams of Art Clay™ Silver Clay so you will be able to create small jewellery pieces. 

Depending on your firing process, you will also need:

Firing with a Gas cooker hob: a gas hob firing mesh

Firing with Jewellers gas torch: a jewellers gas torch and soldering block

The bundle contains:

  • Art Clay™ Silver Clay, 10 grams
  • Plastic rolling pin 
  • Brass Brush
  • 3M Sanding sponges - small 68x57x7mm mixed pack (fine 320-400 grit and medium 120-180 grit) 
  • Pack of polishing papers (7x7cm)
  • Silver clay advice leaflet

We also recommend purchasing a burnisher tool and reverse action tweezers however these are not essential. 

We also have a silver clay tool kit available where you can purchase all of the above products including Art Clay™ Silver Clay in larger pack quantities, or you can select products individually to suit your needs.  

Product code: P5

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