Cup Burr 1.2mm

Cup Burr 1.2mm

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This nifty little 1.2mm cup burr is used for smoothing the ends of wire which is a must if you make your own earwires or other wirework designs as well as rounding and smoothing prongs and claws on settings. The burr is shaped like a cup (hence the name) with small teeth inside which de-burr and grind away the wire ends in just a few twists (always turn clockwise and in the same direction to prolong the life of the burr). 

Ideal for using with most pendant or hobby drills such as our Dremel Multi Tool (to fit this sized shank in our Dremel you will also need a multi chuck) Can also be used by hand with a pin vice

  • 1.2mm diameter cup burr
  • Shank size: 2.3mm
  • The ideal size for use with 0.8mm wire (most suitable size for making earwires)
  • Sold individually
Product code: C133

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