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All About The Dremel 4000 Multi Tool

The Dremel 4000 Multi Tool is one of the most universal tools on the market! It is an excellent, high quality and robust tool, ideal for both hobbyists and dedicated jewellery makers. Despite its small size this tool is surprisingly powerful and offers numerous possibilities due to the multitude of accessories enabling detailed sanding, carving, engraving, cutting, grinding, cleaning and polishing.

The kit that we supply comes with a flexible shaft that enables precise, detailed work particularly in hard to reach places and provides more comfort, flexibility and fingertip control.

In total, the kit includes the Dremel 4000 Multi Tool, the high-quality Dremel Flexible Shaft and 45 genuine Dremel accessories including EZ SpeedClic and EZ Twist Nose Cap. All this is packed in a convenient case. This is a high-value kit, offering great value for money for the more demanding user allowing you to complete tasks such as sanding, carving, engraving, routing, cleaning and polishing.

On this page, we go into detail about the tool and its specifications as well what you can do with the tools that come with it!

Watch our video on how to assemble the Dremel 4000 Multi Tool & Flexible Shaft, plus an overview of the accessories...

Accessories Included (all with a 3.2mm shank where applicable)

Features and Benefits

  • Variable speed - 5.000 - 35.000 RPM: more comfortable and better control when handling
  • Collet lock: for assisting accessory changes
  • Innovative EZ Twist Nose Cap: no wrench required for changing accessories
  • Integrated hang hook: for hanging the tool on the Tool holder or near the project
  • Replaceable brushes
  • 175W motor: for optimal performance
  • Soft grip: for reduced vibration and a better handling
  • Collet capacity: 2.5mm to 3.2mm

Technical specifications

  • Rated power input: 175 W
  • Voltage: 230-240 V
  • Weight: 0,55 kg
  • No load speed: 5.000 - 35.000 1/min

Accessories Included

  • 2x Mandrels - use to mount different accessories like felt polishing wheels or cut-off wheels.
  • 1x Mandrel for the EZ SpeedClic accessories. Easy pull, twist release - simplifies the process of changing cutting wheels. 
  • 1x Twist Drill Bit, 3mm - perfect for drilling holes in metals.
  • 1x High Speed Cutter, 3mm for use on wood, plastic and soft metals.
  • 1x Sanding Band & Mandrel, 13mm, grit 60 - great for the first stages of sanding and polishing.
  • 2x Sanding Band, 13mm grit 60 - great for the first stages of sanding and polishing due to coarse grit.
  • 3x Sanding Band, 13mm grit 120 - great for the later stages of sanding and polishing due to finer grit. 
  • 2x Fiberglass Reinforced Cutting Wheels - for cutting in all sorts of metals (use with the EZ SpeedClick).
  • 11x Sanding Discs 180 grit for sanding in contoured and hard-to-reach area - coarse. 
  • 9x Sanding Discs 240 grit for sanding in contoured and hard-to-reach areas - fine. 
  • 1x Grinding Wheel for general purpose grinding.
  • 1x Silicon Carbide Grinding Stone for etching and grinding stone, glass, ceramics, porcelain and non-ferrous metals.
  • 1x Aluminum Oxide Grinding Stone 9.5 mm for grinding metals, castings, welded joints, rivets and rust. Ideal for sharpening, deburring and general purpose grinding of most materials.
  • 1x Polishing Compound - use with felt or cloth accessories to polish metals and plastics. Compound will remove a dull oxidised film and/or light surface imperfections.
  • 3x Polishing Felt Wheels, 13mm - for bringing metal surfaces to a smooth finish.
  • 2x Polishing Felt Points - for bringing metal surfaces to a smooth finish.
  • 1x Nylon Bristle Brush for light deburring, cleaning and polishing of silverware, jewellery and other precious metals.
  • 1x EZ Lock Finishing Abrasive Buffs, 180 grit - great for cleaning and light sanding on metal, glass, wood, aluminum and plastics.
  • 1x Wrench - helps to tighten and loosen accessories in place. 

Other Accessories You Can Use With The Dremel...

Whilst many of the accessories included with the Dremel kit are very useful - they are more aimed at the DIY market. We sell the following range of accessories for sanding, carving, engraving, cleaning and polishing metal which will lend themselves well to more specific aspects of jewellery making.

Polishing mops, wheels & points - are great for quickly polishing jewellery if you don't have a bench polisher. They are also perfect for getting into those awkward to polish shapes. Choose from bristle wheel, felt wheel, felt point, and soft polishing mop. Use with tripoli and rouge.

Silicone Polishers - these are impregnated with fast cutting silicone carbide abrasives for excellent polishing results. We stock these in wheel, knife edge and in cylinder shape which are available in four different grades for different levels of polishing. Use these with our mandrels for silicone polishers.

Burrs - burrs are used for adjusting stone setting depths, bezels, cutting grooves in metal and much more. Our best selling burrs are the stone setting burr and cup burr.

Click below to find our kit, which included the Dremel 4000 Multi Tool along with our recommended accessories.

We'd Also Recommend The Multi Chuck

How To Drill Using A Dremel 4000 Multi Tool

Watch Cyrilyn's video, part of our Top Tip Tuesday video series where she shows you how to easily drill a hole in metal using a Dremel 4000 Multi Tool

You'll find twist drill bits in a range of diameters on our website along with our multi chuck and other brilliant accessories for your multi-tool.

Shop Twist Drill Bits

These twist drill bits are made from high speed steel so they are perfect for drilling holes in metals.

They are available in a range of diameters to suit your needs: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm

  • They can be used at high speeds with our Dremel Multi Tool or other pendant or hobby drills (for use with our Dremel you will need a multi-chuck)
  • Suitable to use in hand drills like the hand drillstock, also known as an archimedes drill

Please note that these are not suitable for drilling stones or glass – we supply diamond coated drill bits for this purpose.

How To Polish Jewellery With Dremel 4000 Multi Tool

In this follow up from the video above, Cyrilyn shows you how easy it is to use polishing mops with jewellers rouge to bring your jewellery designs to a high shine.

Polishing Mops, Wheels & Points

These polishing mops, wheels and points are great for quickly polishing jewellery if you don't have a bench polisher and even if you do they are really useful for getting into those hard to reach places! These have a 2.3mm shank and will fit most hobby or pendant drills such as our Dremel 4000 Multi Tool where you will also require a multi chuck.

Choose from:

  • Bristle wheel: particularly good for very uneven surfaces as the bristles will reach into little nooks and crannies
  • Felt wheel natural wool: this one is best for flatter surfaces as the felt is sturdier and holds its shape during polishing
  • Felt point, natural wool: a really useful shape for polishing in hard to reach places, inside rings etc.
  • Soft polishing mop, natural wool: this is a good all-round mop – longer lasting than the bristle wheel but with more flexibility than the felt ones


This bar of rouge polish is perfect for achieving a mirror finish on metals. This polishing compound consists of minuscule abrasive particles all held together with a binder so it is less messy than using rouge powder.

Rouge is designed for final polishing so any scratches will need to be removed first; use wet and dry sanding sheets or sanding sticks to remove any deep marks and then use tripoli to prepare your surface before finishing with rouge for a sparkling finish.

Don’t forget, if you are using both compounds you will need separate mops for each as even a small amount of tripoli can contaminate your rouge and prevent you from creating a mirror finish.

If you have any further questions, feel free to call our friendly team who will be more than happy to give you some advice through Facebook, Twitter, Email or simply calling us on 01872 573888 8.30am-4.30pm.

Alternatively, for more information and how to's on all areas of jewellery making visit our other Gemstone Setting Advice pages.