Stone Setting Burr

Stone Setting Burr

This stone setting burr is ideal for adjusting setting depths, enlarging and putting a bevel on holes as well as adding pattern and texture to metals and much more!

These high quality steel burrs have a 2.3mm shank for use in most pendant or hobby drills such as our Dremel Multi Tool (to use this size of shank with our Dremel you will need a multi chuck). When used at speed, the cutting 'teeth' on this burr will cut a cone shaped recess into your metal which can be a useful shape in which to fit the back of a faceted stone. If required, the cone shape can be sunk into a cylindrical hole by allowing the burr to cut deeper. They can also be used by hand with a pin vice to gently pare away excess metal.

  • Available in a choice of diameters
  • Shank size: 2.3mm
  • Sold individually
Product code: C129

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