14ct Gold Plain Edge Round Bezel Cups For Cabochons

14ct Gold Plain Edge Round Bezel Cups For Cabochons

These 14 carat (or karat) gold plain edge bezel cups provide a way to set your cabochons with a neat and professional finish.

Simply solder to your design and you're ready to set your stone! Simply rub over the cup bezel over your stone using a bezel rocker or burnisher until your stone is held securely in place.

  • Sizes available: 3mm, 5mm & 8mm
  • Cup heights approximately: 3mm=1.9mm, 5mm=2.4mm, 8mm=2.30mm
  • Suitable for cabochon stones only
  • Due to the manufacturing process (die-struck), the bezel cups become work-hardened so will require annealing (the process of softening metal by heating with a gas torch) prior to setting. As they are designed for soldering onto your design this will most likely happen during the soldering process so will not require additional annealing
  • As commercially cut stones have a size tolerance you may need to work on these bezel cups prior to fitting your desired stones
Product code: 9c122

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