Beginner Jewellery Making Projects Using Glue

Make beautiful, handmade jewellery using settings and glue!

It's so simple to create jewellery designs using glue and jewellery settings. Below, we share with you some of our popular jewellery making kits which require glue - with some projects only needing a few tools to complete the look. You can easily customise many of these projects with your favourite gemstonescharms and findings to create unique designs.

Once you've experimented with these, you can look at other jewellery making techniques such as wire wrappingbeading and stone setting.

Each of our kits includes online step by step instructions, a recommended tool list and a handy one-click shopping list with all the supplies you need to get making.

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Glue - Our Recommended Glue For Jewellery Making

This glue is our go-to for jewellery making! It's a popular choice due to being fast drying, high strength and creating high quality bonds. It sets clear and is great for filling gaps which makes it perfect for setting stones in settings like the ones featured on this page. You can use it to bond metal, gemstones, glass, ceramic and wood - making it a great contender for all kinds of crafts as well as in the home. Available as a syringe or tubes.

Read our advice guide on how to use this glue

Notes Before You Start

Roughen The Setting

For the best results and to ensure the stone bonds well to the setting, you can roughen one or both of the surfaces using a small pin or some sandpaper - this will create a texture on the surface that allows the glue to form a better hold.

Clean Your Pieces

Before you get started with setting your stone into the setting, you need to make sure that the surfaces are clean and dry.

Don't Use Superglue!

Superglue may be the first glue to come to mind for your jewellery making needs, but it's not suitable as it doesn't fill gaps and becomes brittle, resulting in your jewellery pieces coming apart. Instead, we recommend using Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Glue which is fast drying, high strength and creates high quality bonds. Available as a syringe or tubes.

Watch How Easy It Is To Create This Gemstone Ring Using Glue

We have a range of ring settings that require glue to set your chosen stone - just make sure you choose the correct sized cabochon stone to match the setting.

We love this simple gemstone ring featuring one of our amethyst stones! It is adjustable too, making it a perfect choice if you're after a handmade gift.

Bangles & Bracelets

Family Birthstone Bracelet

This is a wonderful idea if you want to create a sentimental gift, featuring birthstones. This project requires some tools to connect the components together.

Customise with your favourite gemstone cabochons

Cornish Bangle

We've combined Cornish colours of black and white to create this bangle design! Showing you how you can get creative with different stones.

Customise with your favourite gemstone cabochons


Glue On Leaf Bails

These leaf bails are one of our best sellers, perfect for gluing onto sea glass, ceramics, pottery or gemstones. Simply attach a ready made chain to complete the look.

Sapphire Necklace

Our simple milled edge pendant settings are great if you want to create an eye catching design, which allows your chosen stone to take centre stage.

Customise with your favourite gemstone cabochon

Half Drilled Bead Necklace

We have a range of settings for half drilled beads including this beautiful pendant! Simply glue your chosen half drilled beads onto the setting for a unique necklace design.

Customise with your favourite half drilled beads

Charm Necklace With End Cords

Use your favourite cord and secure with end capsjump rings and a clasp to finish. Easily combine with your favourite charms or pendant.

Customise with your favourite thread and charms


Flat Plate Turquoise Earstuds

These sterling silver flat plate earstuds are available in a range of sizes and are perfect for using with gemstone cabochons, polymer clay designs, sea glass, ceramics, metal clay and more. Surgical steel earstuds are also available.

Customise with your favourite gemstone cabochons

Amethyst Bell Cap Earrings

We love this minimal design. We have a range of bell caps in a variety of styles and sizes, perfect for gluing crystalsbriolettes and teardrop beads.

Customise with your favourite bell capscrystals or briolette beads

Half Drilled Pearl Earstuds

Simply glue your favourite half drilled beads onto our sterling silver earstud settings for a quick and simple design you can wear everyday!

Customise with your favourite half drilled beads

Gemstone & Charm Earrings

This design is a great way to get creative with your favourite gemstone cabcochons and charms. We've set larimar cabochons into our link settings, attached ear wires and hung our lovely sand dollar charms to create eye catching earrings.

Customise with your favourite gemstone cabochons and charms



Cabochons have a flat bottom and domed top, so they can be easily glued into settings. We have over 500 cabochons to choose from in a range of shapes and sizes.

Shop settings for cabochon stones

Half Drilled Beads

We stock a wide range of half drilled semi precious gemstone beads perfect for adding to your jewellery designs. Choose from beautiful quality half drilled gemstone beads as well as gorgeous half drilled pearls.

Shop settings for half drilled beads

Jewellery Settings

Choose from our range of jewellery settings and mounts which can be set with your favourite gemstones to make a beautiful piece of jewellery. Choose from our range of ring, earring, pendant, brooch, cufflink and bangle settings. Available in a range of metals, shapes and sizes.

The products used in this project are suggestions to inspire you. Products used were compatible at the time of making but do be aware that stocks can vary, so do use your own judgement as to the compatibility of each item when making.

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