Piercing Saw Blades (Pack of 12)

Piercing Saw Blades (Pack of 12)

Use these high quality piercing saw blades with our jeweller piercing saw frame.

Made of hardened tempered steel with sharp, uniformly honed teeth for accurate and rapid cutting (do beware of cheaper alternatives which break much more often).

They are also designed to aid detailed cutwork as the back non-cutting edge is rounded to assist in cutting tight curves. 

For super smooth cutting, use with beeswax or Cut Lube Tool lubricant wax as a lubricant.

  • Supplied in a pack of 12
  • 13cm long 
  • Available in three grades: coarse, medium, fine
  • Swiss manufactured 
  • Blank end portions allow secure clamping in the saw frame

How to choose the appropriate grade saw blade:

The most appropriate grade will depend on the thickness of the metal and the nature of the job.

The coarser blades are slightly thicker (and therefore stronger) so they will remove more material than fine grade.

A finer blade should be used for thin metal, cutting curves or for very delicate work.

We always recommend that a beginner should start with medium or coarse blades until the sawing technique is perfected as the fine ones are more liable to break. The general rule of thumb for choosing the correct coarseness of a saw blade is that there are at least 3 saw teeth in contact with the metal when sawing i.e 3 teeth per thickness of the metal sheet.

Approximate number of teeth per mm:

  • 2/0 coarse: 2
  • 4/0 medium: 3
  • 6/0 fine: 4
Product code: C2

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