Herkimer 'Diamond' Quartz Point Cabochons

Herkimer 'Diamond' Quartz Point Cabochons

We hunted high and low to find these as we love them so much and we are sure you will do too! These gorgeous, quartz point cabochons come from the Herkimer region in the US and although they are not actually real diamonds, when you see them with their rainbow sparkles it is obvious why they got their name. These herkimer cabochons are naturally formed making each one unique, therefore the level of inclusions and surface imperfections will vary on each stone. 

  • Cabochon (generally have a pointed top, flat back)
  • Hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale
  • Natural gemstone - (they can be heavily included or totally clear with naturally formed surface imperfections)
  • Sold individually
  • NB Due to the natural shape of these stones a traditional rub over bezel setting is not possible however they can be glued into a suitable sized setting

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