Herkimer 'Diamond' Natural Crystals, Approx 1 Gram Pack (Undrilled)

Herkimer 'Diamond' Natural Crystals, Approx 1 Gram Pack (Undrilled)

Price: £14.95 / per 1 gram pack

We hunted high and low to find these as we love them so much and we are sure you will do too! These gorgeous, double-terminated quartz crystals come from the Herkimer region in the US and although they are not actually real diamonds, when you see how they twinkle with mirror-like shine and rainbow sparkles it is obvious why they got their name. These are a lovely natural alternative to cut faceted beads and will look stunning included in your designs.

  • Undrilled
  • Approximate size: 3.5mm to 7mm
  • Please note: almost every crystal is perfectly clear and a few have tiny black inclusions, formation, size and shape do vary in each 1 gram pack
  • Sold as a 1 gram pack containing approximately 20-22 crystals in varying shapes and sizes.
  • Hardness of 7.5 on the Mohs scale
Product code: SO1860

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