Sterling Silver Cufflink Settings with 7mm Flat Pad (Pair)

Sterling Silver Cufflink Settings with 7mm Flat Pad (Pair)

Price: £23.99 / per pair

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These sterling silver cufflink settings come with a rigid arm and 7mm round flat pad ready for you to glue or solder on your designs.

  • Sold in pairs
  • Size approximately 24mm in length
  • The pad itself is 7mm but the stone or design you attach to it can be much larger or of a different shape
  • Stamped SILVER 
  • The arm piece is sprung so that it can be easily fastened and the pad is slightly angled on the arm, making them more comfortable to wear
  • They can be used to mount cabochons in bezel cups or any other creations made from metals, metal clay, glass, polymer clay and much more
  • Recommended glue: Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Glue
  • Due to the spring inside the tube fastening component being steel (for durability), we advise if you are soldering to you use extra easy solder and work carefully as too much heat affect the spring or it could melt the join holding the pad to the arm. As an extra precaution, Thermo-Gel Heat Barrier can be used to protect delicate areas during soldering
Product code: SF58

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