Thermo-Gel Heat Barrier, 100g

Thermo-Gel Heat Barrier, 100g

Price: £13.95 / each

Thermo Gel is the ultimate thermal barrier for protecting areas you don't want heated during soldering.

It is ideal for repairs to items containing stones or that need protecting from intense heat which would otherwise crack or shatter or for very complicated soldering jobs with multiple solder joints close together where there is a risk of melting earlier joins.

Thermo gel is so easy to use - the wet paste is spread over the area to be protected and then the piece is fired in the usual way. It is non-toxic, non-flammable and gives off no objectionable fumes during use. 

  • Size: 100g pot
  • Non-flammable
  • Minimum fumes
  • Reusable: after being fired the top darker section must be removed from the surface and discarded but the untouched paste can be put back into the tub and used again

Video attached is from Andrew Berry (At The Bench), showing a brilliant tutorial on how to resize a gemstone ring with the help of thermo gel.

Product code: C296

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