Our Favourite Dog Snaps In The Snow

The extraordinary happened... it snowed in Cornwall!

This is definitely something you don't see very often, especially in seaside towns but a blanket of snow covered our home at Perranporth and it was such a beautiful sight. For our little Jack Russell, Millie it was all a bit of a mystery as she's never seen snow before!

After sharing our snaps on Facebook of our hesitant Millie, it appeared that your pups were feeling the same - but some were definitely loving it more than others and we just had to share them.

Enjoy our favourite snaps of our furry friends playing in the snow and if you have a photo to share, find us on FacebookInstagramTwitter - we'd love to see.

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Samantha's Jack Russell Cherry seemed to enjoy the snow a little more than Millie, she's even showing off her snow beard!

Danielle's doggies do not look amused!

This is Hercules, doesn’t understand where the snow has come from.

- Sharon Goddard

Barbara's dog Ollie seems to be a little explorer!

Chewie loves the snow! He was a street dog in Romania so he’s used to cold conditions. Living the life now though.

- Sarah Hurren

Luna looks like she's loving her morning walk in the white stuff! Thanks for sharing the snap Sue Butcher.

Jyppe seems to have a smile on his face! Thanks Linda for the snap.

Another Jack Russell excited about the snow! Thanks Laura from MMM Jewellery.

Sally's dog, Bella has even brought a friend along to play in the snow!

This is Lola. Chilled in all senses of the word.

- Estelle Susans

Letitia's pup turned 11 during the snowstorm, what a lovely surprise to wake up to for little Joe!

Ami's furry friend covered in snow flakes!

This is tilly eating snowballs 😀

- Nikki Richardson

We love how cosy Harry looks - ready for an afternoon of non-stop exploring! Thanks for the photo Barbara.

Sally out having a sniff, Dee the other dog hates the cold so is inside staying warm

- Paula

Willow looks like she's on a mission to find out what this snow really is! Thanks for sending us your photo Sally.

Ok, this little rabbit is not a dog but we couldn't leave this photo out! Toffee is looking so cute covered in snowflakes! Thanks for sharing Lisa.

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